Thursday, August 25, 2011

Questions for Caleb

Our favourite questions for Caleb.

Us: Tell Ah Ma (my mom) what you want to eat?

Caleb: Cha Siew Pau

Us: What dadi likes to eat?

Caleb: Mai Kai...

Us: Loh..??

Caleb: Loh Mai Kai

Us: Who gave you the red car?

Caleb: Am ker Deh Ric (not a foreign's actually Uncle Deric - our neighbour staying 2 floors above us)

Us: and who?

Caleb: Am Ti Turtle (Auntie Turtle...hahaha, Deric's wife. Why turtle? Because she gave a turtle soft toy to him last time and we refer her as Auntie Turtle ever since :))

Us: Blue Cow leh? Who gave you blue cow? (Yes, a cow in blue color...haha)

Caleb: Chi Chai Koh Koh

Us: Water bottle? Who gave?

Caleb: Koo Poh (jk's aunt)

He can reply you very fast on every questions provided that you have some food in your hand.


How come it sound like I'm training at dog?


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