Sunday, September 4, 2011

Raya holiday

Just came back from my hometown yesterday after we spent one week raya holiday there. Raya holiday...yes, we celebrate too :)

But holiday? Why holiday? You didnt have to work, so why holiday? Uhhh...puleez.... refer to this blog post here why I need a holiday too....

My aunt and her family came down all the way from Penang visiting us. Every Raya holiday they'll surely come. The moms cook, the dads just laze around watching tv, reading newspaper, admiring fishes..... me and my cousin chat and catching up with each other. The kids (Caleb and my nephew) bugging my cousin brother over his laptop with games.

Anyway, Caleb been having a great time. Apart from having so many people to bug play with, he got to play/splashing water at my parent's house which he dont have the chance to do so at home :) Well, got la sometimes, in the bathroom.

I took some of my dad's mineral bottles which he poked a few holes on the cap and use it as watering can. What the heck! As long as it can amused the kids, it is a good toys to play with.

First, filled it up with water.
Caleb and my nephew.

Soon, he kept on squeezing the bottle. Watching the water splurging out makes him squealed happily. My boy is a happy baby. He can laugh and laugh over little things or gestures. :) I'm happy that my baby is happy ^.^
Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze...

After a few minutes, they started squeezing water at each other. Then at me and my cousin...
Aiyooo...... that when I asked them to clean up the tyres. Haha...good trick :)
Squeeze at the tyre ok? Make sure it sparkling clean ok?

Sometimes, I asked them to water the plant instead. Yeap, that is my dad's organic spinach. Very tender, very sweet, without any chemical pesticides.
"Grow quickly ok?, I want to eat choi choi.... Mami said choi choi is nice."
My chanting works..hahaha

All his clothing got drenched. Time for pom pom aka bathing time.
Oh...wet wet already. Cold or not?

Dont want to bath yet, one more round?

Oh..sorry, what I mean is 3 more rounds?

Oh sorry, your request been denied. Come, bath!

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