Sunday, September 4, 2011


Last night when I tucked Caleb in at bedtime:

Me: You want mami to sing for you?

Caleb: Uh Uh (means yes)

Me: Yes?

Caleb: Zesh (his own word of 'yes')

Me: What song you want mami to sing?

Caleb: A B C, A B C

Me: Ok, la la la now you know your ABC, next time wont you sing with me..... Yeah, finish.
What song to sing again? Eensy weensy spider?

Caleb: noooo.... (this fler choosing songs one, mai siau siau)

Me: Then? Edelweiss?

Caleb: Uh Uh

Me: Bla la la la...Yeah, finish. Another song?

Caleb: (press my nose and he said 'teett') A,B,C A,B,C
(like a player asked my to repeat song... hahaha)

Me: Aiyo...mami radio ka? Hahaha...okok. la la....

How to say no when he request a song by 'teetting' my nose?

Hahahaha.....that's my son :)

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