Monday, September 12, 2011

Mami make bread for me

Mami made breads for me few days ago. Well, that' what she said to me when I went inside the kitchen to peek at her and asked her to come 'cho cho' and play with me.

Mami said "Caleb, please go outside, mami make bread for you ok?"

I stood there for awhile.....thinking...mmmm....why?

Because I found it hard to believe. You know why? Whenever mami or dadi went out 'gai gai' and didnt allow me to tag along, they'll asked me to stay at home and will buy bread for me when they come back. But sepuluh kali, sepuluh kali I also didnt see any bread .................. Hmmmpph! :(


But this time I saw some buns lying on the kitchen counter after I woke up from my nap. Smell so GOOD!

Pillow soft bread....

Mami said it's her first success in making bread compare to (ahem...) previously where the bun was as hard as rock... Well, practice makes perfect! Keep going mami....... and I can have bread everyday for my breakfast, lunch and dinner because I love so so much. But mami said cannot eat too much, later become 'fatt sui mein pau' - body swell like bread soak in water. Haha

Mami put cheese inside...... just for me because I love cheese very very much!

Ohh, I cannot wait to dig in....Mami, can I have one? Please...

Mami's greatest supporter (*wink)

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