Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I rant

I just hate those ppl making remarks that SAHM only eat-full-wait-shit-come and do nothing in between. Some brainless (no brain ma, how to think before talk) people thinking that staying at home is just merely sitting at home, goyang kaki, go shopping, go high tea, do pedicure, pretty pretty, smell wangi wangi...

Oh, taking care of baby jek, so easy. Baby just eat and sleep and when they dont eat or sleep, they just sit dumbly at one corner, waiting for the time to eat and sleep. Baby...what else they can do?

Unlike me, oh...I'm so fucking stress up, job not yet done, so many things to do, customer marah, boss making me eat dead cat, all sei pat poh in the office pok pek pok pek talking behind my back. So tension!

Sound familiar?

Wei, please la. I worked before ok? Is not that I become SAHM right after I've graduated. I worked in the lab before, I worked in multi sucker big electronic company before and I worked in sales and marketing before. Dont think I dont know how's life at work before. least last time I still have off day on Saturday and Sunday and Public Holiday. SAHM? NONE... Sick ar? Too bad la.

But, SAHM at home ma, no need holiday one. Didnt work wor, want holiday for what?

Oh, then what my baby eat everyday? Food fall down from sky issit? No need to go market buy, clean, cut and cook issit? Baby eat by himself one issit? Baby wake up everyday no need to make milk issit? Baby poo and pee no need to change and clean issit? The broom and mop magically work it wonder around the house issit? Dirty clothes and smelly diapers clean by themselves issit? Dry clothes fold up by itself issit? Baby guai guai go bath by himself issit? Baby can go and sleep on his own issit? Baby wont lau kai one issit?

Man.... Sometimes I dont even remember when the last time I washed my hair :s

Dont get me wrong, I'm not complaining. I'm consider myself lucky to have the privilege in taking care of my baby myself. More than happy knowing that he is healthy, getting heavier day by day and his learning milestones is amazing. I get see his new found achievement everyday and he never stop making me proud.

But please, before you get your facts right, before you understand how's SAHM feel, before you get back your brain to think (the brainless one).... shut up lor.

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