Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Finger food

Finger food for Caleb is crucial thing when we are dining out. No finger food can means haywire, cannot eat in peace, one of us will eat alone and keep on shouting at Caleb to sit down on his babychair. 

So, once finger food is at low beeping sound, it's time to reinstock again....

These are the things I bought the other day we went to Jaya Grocer in The Empire @ Subang Jaya. Not a normal place we'd go to buy our grocery but since this is a newly opened shopping mall, we just go and check it out! (actually Kennysia wrote about it in his blog and I want to try Nasi Kerabu and Pavlova dessert @ Serai so so so badly)

Orchard apple biscotti by Heinz.

Each pack of these contains 12 finger biscuits. These biscuits smell really appley when I first opened it up. Eventually I took a bite before I gave it to Caleb because I want to make sure it is not too sweet. Did you ever taste Milna Rusk baby biscuits? These biscuits I don't know how much sugar they put inside. I bought a packet of it before and ended throwing 99% away after I tasted it. TOOOOO SWEET wtf. Can cause me diabetes, tooth decay and high blood pressure!

Ok, back to Heinz apple biscotti...They taste midly of sweet apples and they dissolve so fast in his hungry mouths so I'm not so worried about him getting choked on it. But still, I need to supervise and monitor them whenever he is eating. The size of each biscuits fit snugly in their little hand too!

Each pack priced at RM4.50

Little kids Breadstick cheesy from Heinz.

This is my favourite. Haha...nola, not favourite as I'm eating it. It's my favourite because Caleb will take ages to chew them down due to its hard texture. Breadstick ma...really like stick oh...keke
So, while Caleb is having fun time playing with his stick the breadstick, then I can have 3-4 minutes eating time without any interruption.

Each packet contains 12 breadstick with 2 pieces in 1 individual packing. Convenient when I'm in rush and i'll just stuff 2 packs in my diaper bag.

Each packet priced at RM9.40

Organic apple mini rice cakes by Heinz (again.. :))

I've been giving this rice cakes since Caleb was around 10months old. That time he still didn't know how to use his 2 front teeth to bite. So, I broke it into small pieces and encourage him to feed himself (so that I can more time finishing on my food...haha)

Taste wise is quite bland and it has mild apple scent on it. Each piece is coated with little amount of sticky apple syrup. The size are just nice and very easy to handle in their little hand and when they bite into it, no crumble falling everywhere.

Each packet weight at 40g with around 18-20 pieces.

Each packet priced at RM9.90

Organic Bubs. No Numbers. No nasties. JUST REAL ORGANIC FOOD! I just love their slogan ^^

One of my favourite too. They have 12 flavours to choose from and all comes in Pouch Power Pack. So far, I've tried their Pear & White Grape, Apple & Cinnamon, Banana & Apricot Power Porridge and this new flavour: Apple & Berry Bircher Muesli. All taste very very good.

You can serve it either hot or cold from fridge. For me, I'd mixed it in his plain cereal or porridge when I don't have much ingredient at home. Or I just feed him directly onto the spoon as dessert after lunch/dinner meal. Sometimes, I'll just bring it out with me and feed him during our dining out time. No hassle, No mess. :)

The only disadvantage is although keep refrigerated after open, it can only be keep up to 48hours. :(

Each packet weighed at 120g and price at RM9.90 (ouch!)

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