Saturday, October 16, 2010

Communicate with Caleb

There are times when Caleb fully understand some words that I'm saying, such as 'Let's go pom pom (bath)', 'Mami go make milk milk', 'Sit down first, Mami give you biscuits', 'Caleb, give...' and 'Caleb, go away...' :) The last one a bit tricky. He choose to ignore every time I said it when he come lingering fiddling with my feet, crawling under my chair while I'm surfing the net or do anything on my laptop.

Sometimes, he would nod his head when I talked to him, just like he totally understand every words I'm saying. Then he reply with '... aaahh aaahh uhhh eh?' Haha..high pitch at the end like asking me question. I replied again la...and again and again..until he got bored and walk away.

Aiya, mami so boring, I better go do something else.. haha

There was one time when we went shopping, we walked into this particular shop selling very simple and nice decorative stuffs, notepads, bags. Me and jk  were so busy looking at those stuffs and we didnt push his pram. After a while, he begin to twist and turn and wail. I said 'Okok...mami give you toys toys, ok?'. Then he stopped and sat calmly. 

I totally forgot about his toys until he twist and turn and wail again. Only this time MORE SERIOUS and LOUDER. Jk asked why he acted like this. Ohhh...I remembered that I've promised him to give him toys but no action. :)

Haha..patutla bising bising. After I passed him his toys, then he settled in his pram again...

Phewww...another great excape from the superbaby.

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