Thursday, August 18, 2011

Rice mites

*Beware: Scary pictures ahead*

I knew for quite some time that my rice was infested with mites, rice mites that feast happily at my rice. I still cooked with it every now and then and every time jk would complained about the rice tastes weird. Something like stale, woody-musty kinda thing.
I used to brush him off and force him to finish his rice...hahaha....wasted ma.

Until yesterday, I finally bought another fresh batch of rice in the market. I just bought 1kg just to taste the texture and make sure it suits our taste bud.

And then I need to get rid of my old stock of rice.

 First, THE MITES!!

I poured them out and all those suckers were crawling out....So so so many of them...
Eiiiii......but then how to kill them off once and for all?

I stood there watching them, smashing them, flipping them, poured water into my sink, hot water, cold water, dettol....until more than 1h later, all of them pronouced DEAD. Hahaha.....*evil grin* mission accomplish

Here another picture of them.

Gili leh....

Now, what shall I do with the remaining of the rice? Somebody need rice to cook for their dog?
Come and contact me, I'll give them out for free.

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