Monday, August 15, 2011

Caleb's homecook meals

More than often, I ran out of ideas on what to feed Caleb. He don't fancy porridge anymore ever since he got his molar and been quite picky on food. One thing for a start, he don't like vegetable which he refer as 'choi choi' Sometimes, I just force it into his mouth, 'no choi choi means no Yakult' and it worked everytime. He loves Yakult more than his mom, yes, thats how serious it is.

I need to think of variety food to feed him. If rice, I need some dishes to accompany and when I'm running out of ideas, I just did this egg sandwitchwich. Boiled one egg is more than enough most of the time. Whenever there's leftover, it's the bandaraya mother to clear it up. Less headache for me too because I did not need to think what to cook for myself. What he eat, I'll eat that too.

Wholemeal bread + mashed egg + cheese

Pasta is one of my favourite too. Err, Caleb's favourite also la....It's easy to cook and I can just dump whatever I have in my fridge that time. Normal ingredient would be egg, carrots, sometimes if I'm lucky my mom will prepare some mince meat for me to bring back. Simple meal, with a little dash of tomato sauce, it's really appetizing.

Caleb hates when his food is dry. So, whether I'm preparing fried rice or fried noodle for him, I intend to pour more water and let it simmer. Watery and mushy....That the way, ah ha ah, he likes it, ah ha ah ha. But not for me, thank you very much.

Fusilli (spiral type) + scramble egg + carrots

This another easy peasy fried noodle for Caleb. I love easy to prepare thing, no need to think so much, second less pots and pans and plates to wash up after cooking. First, same thing, boiled to soften noodles, fried garlic until fragant, throw in fish slice (marinate with some soy sauce, sesame oil, a lil bit of pepper) stir stir stir and lastly the noodles. Stir stir stir, pour in some water, close with lid. Let it simmer for another 5 minutes and voila...gao tim.

See the hand? Cannot wait and while I'm taking this picture, I need to constantly tell him "Wait Caleb wait..., let mami take pictures first..." :) 
Stir-fried noodle with fish. Tak cantik tapi sedap la.....

Mee suah for a change. I'll try to go Organic if possible whenever I cook for Caleb. This type of mee suah is organic type and it's really good. I know some type goes very very mushy and starchy if it overcooked. And when it sit too long in the soup base, it become 'harden' like 1 patch. I hate it very much :( That's why I dont fancy mee suah.

But this organic type is good. It wont go mushy no matter how long it sit in the soup. It still have the texture when you bite in it. This I cooked with potatoes, carrots, mince meat (ya, what's new...same old thing) and top with fried fish paste. soup, got fish, got potato, got meat....what's more can you ask for :)
Mee suah soup
Fried fish paste, cut into strips

Ok, are you drooling on Caleb's food yet? :)

When I got the mood to cook more variety and don't mind washing pots and pans piling up in my kitchen sink, I'll steam some rice, scramble egg and boil soup. Most of the time it would be vegeable soup with either chicken breast or pork ribs. See which one available that time. If I don't have any of them, I'll just use anchovies. Smell heavenly too....
Steam rice, fish paste, scramble egg and vegetable soup.

This is another 'I got the mood to cook' meal. Steamed pumpkin together with rice and it really fluffy and filled with pumpkin aroma. Stir-fried mince meat with egg and steamed fish slice. When I brought this plate out from kitchen, Caleb was exclaiming "WAHHHH..." Very funny. :) As if he knows not those all-in-one-pot style of food.

Steam rice with pumpkin, scramble egg with mince meat and steam fish slice

This is happy meal for Caleb. Hahaha..... made with love from his lazy mami. My mom made some mee ku for me the last weekend I went back. Mee Ku, 面龟 is a Hokkien word for Tortoise Bun. It is basically a mantou, or plain steamed bun. Healthier and more nutritious compare to big production bread in the market. Home-made without any artificial preservative, colouring or chemical substances.

So, I steamed it since I took it out from fridge. A slice of cheese, 2 pieces of Heinz Little Kidz tomato minicorn cakes, banana and oranges. Oh and a cup of Farmhouse fresh milk.

So gwai lou style..... haha

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