Thursday, August 11, 2011

Caleb's Vocabulary @ 25 months

Caleb has been talkative nowadays, with his own native languages. Sometimes we thought he maybe talked to us in Thai's, Korean's and even Tamil's. There was once he wanted a 'kok-kok'. We asked him what is 'kok-kok'? He just pointed to his toys box and repeatedly said 'kok-kok', 'kok-kok'. There are thousands thing inside his toys box and we really have no idea which on is kok-kok.

And when we don't comply, he started showing his tantrum. Ehhhh.....ehhhhh....ehhhh...*rolling on the floor* Aiyo...what the hell is kok kok...

Then I said to him, 'you want kok kok, you go and take, go...go take'. Slowly he went to his toys box and took this out.

Aiyo...what is so 'kok-kok' about this? *smacking head*  I told him, "This is truck. Next time you want this you tell mami truck, ok?" And he nodded. Phewww......

Anyway, he can say quite a handful of words and recognised a lot more, just that he can't really say it well.
-Car (car-car)
-Truck (truck)
-Bicycle (ke)
-Motorbike (bike)
-Aeroplane (plane)
-Boat (bot)
-Train (train)

-Elephant (fern)
-Tiger (ger)
-Lion (he pronouce this as 'L')
-Butterfly (fly)
-Rabbit (bit)
-Flamingo (go)
-Snake (sssssnake)
-Monkey (mom-key)
-Horse (house...hahaha....)
-Chicken (ken)

-Yellow (ilow)
(silly jk asked if we should teach him 'Magenta' or not? I told him don't be crazy...lolz)

-Banana (Baaa-nana)
-Apple (Air-ple)
-Orange (O-fin)
-Rice (this as farm farm)
-Vegetable (he said this as choi choi)
-Cookie (kie)
-Yakult (yahh kut)
-Water (Wo-ter)

- Pau pau (when he want to be carry)
- Cho cho (when he wants you to sit with him)
- Eat (when I ask him if he's hungry)
- Gai gai (when he saw us changed into 'gaigai' apparel)
- Pom pom
- Shi shi (this one a bit confuse because either he wants to poo or pee, he use the same word)
- Mart mart (when he found himself wet)
- Pain pain (haha...this one when i bite him or kena rotan)
- Mit mit and point to his nose (when he want me to korek his nose, hahaha, bandaraya ma, apa boleh buat?)
- Yes (more like zesh )
- No (no no no no is when he insist on rejecting something)

-Sam sam (cantonese for t-shirt)
-Maad maad (cantonese for socks)
-Foo foo (cantonese for pant)
-Shoe or hai hai
-Pien pien (cantonese for diaper)

I'm not sure if I've missed out any. He sure talks alot now but not in sentence.

*over looking at a crystal ball*
Mmmm....I can forseen myself asking Caleb "Baby, can you stop talking and asking question in just 5 minutes? Let mami have a peace of mind please..."


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