Tuesday, July 13, 2010

One mabuk cat...

I forgot to mention one 'mabuk' scene during the dinner on my last post. Nola, not me mabuk. One guy sitting on the same table with us. I always thought that he resemble so much of one actor in TVB. Always play the role of bad guy...

'source from dramaWiki'

He is actually one of jk's badminton/pool/drinking buddy, cousin or good friend of the groom. I forgot which one but anyway, that is not important. Here how it goes.

As you know, typical Chinese wedding dinner, no matter where it held be it local Chinese restaurant or 6-star hotel, there still be a toasting session. The groom and the bride will go round the table and call for a toast. Everybody will stand up, holding on to whatever glass you have at that time, shove it up and YELL on top of your lungs 'YAAAAAAMMMMM SENNNNNGGGGG!!!!'

Heng tais of the groom side and brother or father of the bride side (this normally the guy will do one lar) will  follow them around yelling and drinking together. This is what we call 'back up drinkers'.

Anyway, this guy, i think his name is Wilson (I think so) join in as the back up drinker. After a few rounds of yum seng this guy feeling a bit ding dong already. When he came back to our table, his face flushing like a red tomato giggling uncontrollably to everyone and everything.

Suddenly he asked the waiter for 3 butter knifes. I also puzzled why he need butter knife, somemore 3 butter knife. For what? We were at the final course already, the tong sui and dessert course, and the dessert is red bean pancake. Why need butter knife? Maybe he want to put butter on the pancake qua...who knows right? Anyway, I keep quiet and continue with my tong sui.

Suddenly he looked at me and said something and giggling at the same time. At first I thought the loud surrounding therefore I couldnt hear properly. I said "Sorry, again?" He repeat and giggled again. I laughed and told him "dude, what are you saying? I dont even know what language you're talking to me" My goodness, I think he mixed up hokkien, cantonese and mandrin at the same time.

My god....hahahaha

Okok, not yet finish. Still more....

10 minutes later, waiter came with 3 butter knifes. The waiter put it in front of him. His eye brow drawn together looking at the butter knife and ask the waiter (all these while he is giggling non stop) "why you give me these?" 
The waiter also 'siau' already. He said "huh?"

Then Wilson shook  the waiter's hand, asked for his name and introduce himself to the waiter. Wilson praised his good service and prompt action (took butter knife for him la). At this time, all of us laughing so hard.

This mabuk guy was so mabuk that he dont even know what he's saying and doing.

Well, I know all mabuk cat like that. It happened to me once too. But not so jia lat. I can still drived home, parked my car, took keys from my bag, opened the door, dropped my hp one the floor once. Jk at home watching tv said something to me but I dont know what he's saying, dropped my hp again. I giggled and asked him to pick it up for me. Went inside my room, changed and sleep thru the night.

The next day, I couldnt remember how I got back, which highway I used to get back and what jk saying to me....hahahaha. Yes, the only thing I remembered was I dropped my hand twice. Because the next day, my hp goes ding dong mode. My hp mabuk also....

Thinking back, jia lat also ler..

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