Sunday, July 11, 2010

Caleb's first wedding dinner outing

Last night we went for our friend's wedding dinner at KL Hilton situated opposite KL Sentral.

For a start, we were 1/2 hour late. Thanks to the heavy rain and jammed from LDP all the way to Federal Highway. We were stuck inside the car for almost 1h. Jk was really 'pek chek' because of the jam, the rain, the lateness that we were going to be and the migraine.

After we reached the hotel, we couldn't find any parking space. Going round and round for 3 - 4 times still we couldn't find one. Finally we parked beside a pillar.

Illegal parking. But we dont really have a choice. Time is running out and jk's migraine getting worst.

Well, my philosophy is as long as your car didnt obstruct any incoming or ongoing traffic then it's ok. But Jk's philosophy is different. He need to find a decent parking space with neat yellow lines box. Duhh...okok, good citizen. :)

We saw one parking space thou but it is for the handicaps. I asked him to park (bad me huh?) but he said cannot. Must respect handicap people. Ok, fine...until we made 2 more rounds and gave up, trying to find the handicap slot again but it just being parked by a hrmmm...not a handicap person with perfectly normal body and limps. See?

We finally reached the ballroom and saw the bride and the groom ready for their march in. Oooppsss....why everybody so early one? This is the most accurate timing wedding dinner I've ever been. We missed the finger food and cocktail that was served earlier. We missed the photo shooting with the couple too...Sigh...

Jk's migraine was getting real bad to the extend that his hands were shaking and nausea. I was told that panadol was available at some shop inside the hotel. Wasting no time, rushed down get some active fast panadol pay RM7.90 for 8 tablets. So expensive...Well, in this situation even it sell for RM79.90 also need to pay la...right?

I didnt manage to take many pictures mainly because I need to take care of Caleb and eat at the same time. At this time jk went and take a nap inside the bride's resting room. Left me alone with Caleb... :(

The center stage and live band performing

Caleb's performance was quite ok. This is the first wedding dinner we attend together with him as we know wedding dinner will take much longer time than our normal dinner outings.

First, I gave him a small souvenir metal box for him to play with... He grew bored after 5 minutes and I gave another one.
Ok, fine. He can knocked both box together and made some noise out of it. Few minutes later, started to bite into the box.

Bite bite until the metal box had his teeth mark. Ok, metal box session is finished.

Next, biscuit time. While he munching on his biscuit, I can eat in peace for a while.
Biscuit time also finished. Quick, I need something else before he start screaming and standing up on his baby chair.

Ok, car car time.
His yellow Enzo Ferrari. What else? Put into the mouth also lor.....

Few minutes later, "I dont want de, take back."

Once in awhile, he will stand up, swaying his body, turning his head left and right and left and right following the music rhythm. So funny when I saw him did this. People at the other table also laugh when they saw his action.

Haha...see? So messy. Water bottle, Ferrari, food container, socks....

"Now I want carry carry"

Ok, daddy carry :)

Pacat getting really bored and tired at the end. No more mood for anything else except want to sleep. Sucking fingers and rubbing eyes...

This is the card that I made to congratulate the couple. Took 2 days to complete it. It was not complicated but just that I can only do after Caleb slept each time.

Inside our message to the couple. Happily ever after...

Me and the happy bride.
And oh, my dinner dress..hak!

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