Wednesday, July 21, 2010

If you can rent, why buy?

Baby's toy are so expensive nowaday and seems like every manufacturer outdo each other aiming to produce toys that can turn a baby into Einstein. I don't exactly know how true they are but I guess every parent only want the best for their baby. I am no exception.

Function of baby's toy mainly is to stimulate the senses, particularly the senses of sight, sound and touch. That is why baby toys are colorful, textured and making so much noise. Picking the right one is definitely not easy.

I bought a few toys for Caleb since birth and sadly they need to change constantly to suit his growth. That means money in my piggy bank need to grow as well.

This I bought through online baby store when he was 2 months old.

Fisher Price 2 in 1 Musical Turtle Gym

He is not playing anymore. But when he see it, he'd crawl towards it and start tearing, pulling, slapping....more like want to demolish the whole thing rather than want to play with it. So, I've kept it inside the store room away from his sight.

I bought "Rock A Stack" from Fisher Price when he was 7 months old. Yupe, fisher price again. I love fisher-price :)  

It's been around for ages as I remember playing with it when I was a baby. memory so geng, from baby until now still remember. Nola, I think I took a picture with this toy with me. So I assumed I must be played with it before :)

Anyway, Rock-A-Stack helps babies develop coordination as they learn to stack the rings (we always refer the rings as 'the doughnuts') in the proper order. The rings also can help in teething, stimulating senses and also developing motor skills.

At first he'd just pour all the rings out, scattering everywhere, throwing and biting them,  Occasionally he just crawl with them, hand grasping the rings and crawling. Until few weeks ago, he took one of the rings in hand and aiming towards the yellow pole.

Wah...I'm so happy and of course I encourage him to stack it. At first I helped him abit adjusting the pole, make it easier for him and when he successfully stack it on, I yelled, clapped and waved my hands (so excited, better than winning a 4D) like crazy mom. Haha..just exaggerate only. Just let him 'syiok' abit then he has motivation do more.

He started stacking them one by one but sometimes he just got frustrated throwing the whole thing down and  crawl away. The next day I let him try again and again and again. Hahaha...and now he's so expert in stacking all the rings in the pole. Just that he still dont know the sequence.

Anyway, I'm happy :)

Last week I came across Rent-a-Toy website that rent out toys (duhh...obvious la... :D)

I should have found this earlier because Caleb will be a very happy baby. They have all sort of things from books to walker and even panel to form a play yard. All at a very affordable rental price.

For the first time, I rent this:

Evenflo Mega ExerSaucer

The tearing part of the label

As you can see, there are a bunch of toys loaded around the tray and baby sit in the center can bounces, rocks and swivels...

Let me introduce Caleb's friends one by one :)

1. A rhino hugging on a mirror ( i think it is a rhino thou..)

2. A hanging tarzan bear.

3. A safari truck loaded with 15 different songs. Caleb so expert in pressing the middle button for a song and when the song ended, he'll go and press again.

4. An 'E' teether which smeared with Caleb's saliva (yuck!)

5. A very thin giraffe. Not enough eat lar..

6. I dont know what is it. I guess it is a bear with faded face and have 3 segments of the body which numbered 1, 2, 3

7. A see-through ball filled with tiny little balls inside. Roll it and you can see tiny balls inside rolling too. Cause and effect huh.....

8. A peek-a-boo lion. Roarrrrr!!

Mega Exersaucer is 'useful, serve its purpose' for a good half and hour. Pacat thinks that his mami and dadi are so naive (ok, only mami la, the dadi got nothing to do with this :p) that this thingy can make him stay and stop messing around.

Well, dream on!! I'm super-baby, you know!

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MieVee @ said...

Many times, the simplest toys allow more creative play and last though more months or even years. E.g. building blocks, containers. Recently, I started recycling used bottles, milk carton boxes, etc into toys. :)

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