Thursday, September 23, 2010

My baby is finally

Today mark the day of Caleb reaching 14 months.

His feeble little feet started to walk quite sturdy for one and half meter, about 5-6 steps at one go.

Amazing....just looking at him walking really fascinating.

Half an hour later, he got up and walk and walk and walk and I lost track how many steps he had walked. He even can change direction by turning left or right. Hahaha...

Yupe, my baby is walking. Walking @ 14 months.

I'm so happy now.....but I can pictures myself yelling frantically for him at shopping mall already. And I can see that particular day is just around the corner.

But I'm still happy now :D


Jolyn said...

Hi Sueann, congrats!

Yeah, when he walks around, i mean really walks around the shopping mall, then you'll "tau tia"... but it was one of the way to loose weight for my hubby and me tho.. :D

- Jolyn -

Wabbitfoot said...

Yes, I can picture myself de...hahaha
Lose weight? Really?? Good news! :D

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