Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Baking cake with Caleb around...

I baked a cake yesterday with Caleb around. Yes, you heard me right. Me alone and Caleb with no 'jaga'. Last time when my mil around, I will  still bake sometimes because she can help me to look after him and prevent him from going into the kitchen or bring Caleb downstairs at my apartment for a walk.

I cannot bake when he sleep because he is a light-sleeper and my mixer surely will wake him up in no time. So, I dont bake when he's around.

But yesterday, I dont know what went into me. I decided I want to bake by hook or by crook.

So, I put him in his highchair...

Buckled up....

Give him lots of cereal/biscuit and a bottle of water...

 So that he can drink it whenever he wants.

Place him facing me and I started to work in no time.

Weighing, mixing, cleaning....and when I almost finish, I took a look at him...........


He drenched his shirt till his pant. All wet!!

I worried that he might catch a cold afterward before it was raining and very windy even in the house. So, I quickly picked him up and changed him. But then I smelled something that I always familiar of every morning. He pooed. batter still havent pour out into a baking pan leh....sit there too long can or not? But no choice lor...quickly changed his diaper too.

After changed him, he started to scream and wail and getting cranky. Aiyoo..sleeping time tim. Okla...let's go sleep la. Dont want to bother about the batter already. :(

Finally after 15mins, Caleb slept.

Went into the kitchen and quickly poured out the batter into baking pan. Shoved into the oven....

The end result?

It rises! It rises! and very evenly too!!

Ohh, so happy! Smell great too!!

Very nice, very soft....

The name of this recipe is actually marble cake. But all the chaos going in between, I got no time to divide 2 part of the batter to mix some cocoa powder in one of it.

So, this is my version of butter cake.

Not bad ma...right?

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