Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Angel vs Monster

Caleb is an angel and melt my heart when he:

-in his good mood and i snuggle my head at his tummy and make him laughing out loud.

-come to me and kiss me on my lips but with his cute little mouth wide open when I asked for "kiss kiss mami"

-walking clumsily and dropped down to crawling, laughing and shouting at the same time to me when I called for him.

-soundly drift off on my shoulder when his battery power become to negative

-sleep within minutes when I patted him for his afternoon nap.

But he become a MONSTER and getting in my nerves when he:

-twist and turn and scream whenever I need to put on diapers for him.

-put his fingers and korek all the porridge inside his mouth and drop it everywhere.

-climb up on sofa and throw all the remote controls down on the floor. 

-whining and twisting when we put him in his car seat.

-pushes the basket full of his neatly folded clothes on the ground and messed it all up.

-climbing up on coffee table for the 39,567 times.

-cry, wail and curve his body when I didn't give in to his demands.

Caleb oh Caleb, what I should do with and without you.......

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