Saturday, February 12, 2011

CNY 2011

Why la...everytime I want blog surely I will feel sleepy one? ...yawnnnnn....

I'm still editing pictures I took in Hong Kong by the way.... (STILL???) :)

Now let's blog about Chinese New Year. This year is the year of Rabbit. Yes, I love rabbits! Any of you that know me long enough remember that I used to have a few rabbits and I adore them to max! Even some of my colleagues used to call me "Chew Bunny" lolz...

After Caleb was born, I had to bid bye bye to my dear Caca and Footy. No, I didnt throw them by the roadside or in the jungle for them to feed themselves. That was really the dumbest, silliest, inhumane-est suggestions I got when I asked around the best way to deal with them. They are finally adopted.

No more doink doink doink around the house but inexchange of monstrous superbaby.

Every year Chinese New Year come and go. Apart from you are getting older each year, there is nothing special about it. The happiest person should be Caleb.

 I got a bike!

He got 2 che che to play with although he can be quite annoying to them. Why? Because this Mr. Kacau keep on disturbing them until small che che wailing every now and then and the big che che complaining to yeh yeh that Caleb keep on following her....every where.

 small che che

Mami bought a pyjamas for me. Catchy huh?

My backside nice?

I took everybody's water bottle and put on floor. rolled under the sofa tim.

This is my pak pak. He very fierce one. I kena piak when I tried to climb up the grill.
Scare scare (*pat pat on chest*)

Play 'run-and-fall-down-on-the-mattress'

When everything is out of control, Signing Time come to the rescue...pheww
Let's watch Baby Signing Time

Happy yeh yeh with all his cucu

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