Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day 3 - Penang ; Hong Kong

Our day started rather early in the morning. By 5:45am, we were on the way to PGIA (Penang International Airport)

I was half asleep and half awake in the car. Can't remember when was the last time I get up at this hour. But I didnt cursing this time because I'm going to "TRAVEL" instead of facing the damn jam and work.

We had a hearty breakfast at Coffee Bean while waiting for boarding.
A sniff of coffee makes me less drowsy :)

My all time favourite - Break o' day

Checked in and waiting for boarding. Manage to post up this picture in my facebook to make everyone envy of me let jk know I'm off to HK in 15minutes. Normally I'd call him but calling him around this hour just asking for trouble....hahaha

Another breakfast was served during flight but I couldn't eat it anymore. Still bloating after the Coffee Bean's meal. So wasted... :(

Anyway, a few clicking on the indoor flight channels (nothing was interesting, hardly had me fixed on the screen for more than 10 mins), a few cam-whoring, reading my 'Red Lotus' story book, sleep a little...and

we reached Hong Kong International Airport.

 Inside the airport train, announcement was saying that the temperature outdoor was 9C. 
Damn nervous.... @.@

Finally we were out to have a taste of temperature below 10C
Yes, it was brrrrr........!!

Ding-Dong-Ding-Dong-Ding-Dong, taking MTR, walk-walk-walk.... and finally we reached our hotel.

My tour guide is my cousin. Thanks to her, she find out every routes for every destinations and searching it on google map, printed it out and voila! We didn't got lost in our entire journey :) Well...actually there was one time at night going back to our hotel. I was desperately holding on my bladder..gahhh..hehe

Empire Hotel @ Wan Chai

It situated a few blocks away after we alighted from Wan Chai MTR Station and need to walk around 5-7 minutes to reach our hotel.

My cousin was checking us at the reception and due to my aunt joining us at the last minutes, we need to ask them to prepare for additional bedding.

Additional bedding is really robbering at daylight. For one night, they charge at HKD400 + 10% tax. Total at HKD440 one night! and that's only for addition bed...OMG!!

I was loitering around and this deco caught my attention. A pear and an apple. Uhh.. Classy!

Our double room is quite small and the walkway is only fitted for 1 person to walk through. I don't really know the price for this room alone because it was already included in our flight ticket from Cathay.

But it considered a very nice room with 2 cosy beds. Due to another additional bed was going to add in for the night, we were scratching our head how on earth they were going to squeeze in. Of course that is none of our business, we were getting ready for our outing right away! lolz..

Destination: The peak

Before that, we need to fill our hungry tummy. Saw this shop around the corner and thought maybe we just give it a try.

We ordered 3 bowls of fish ball noodles and their ever-so-famous milk tea.

 Fish ball noodles with a spoonful of salted vege.

First impression on the noodles was "oh, so boring". Just like clear koay teow soup. But surprising it was really good. The fish balls has springy texture and very fresh. The soup was flavourful. Nice especially when you are in cold weather like this. Warmed up your tummy instantly :)

Silky smooth Milk Tea - la

After a satisfying lunch (late lunch), we continue with hopping on MTR again. Alighted at Central MTR station. Walked again dunno where, just followed my cousin. So, I snapped pictures again la....

Finally......The Peak Tram

So, next we need to queue for tickets. The queue was still ok like 3-4 twisting and turning lines BUT the queue towards getting into the tram was INSANE. People were everywhere. I think if you fainted you wont fall down on the ground because your 360 deg was covered by people. Haha...

Tired....all the walking and standing and waiting makes my legs wobbly.

We waited for 30-45minutes to get into the tram. The scenery on the way up was breathtaking, just like paintings. We reached The Peak about 10 minutes.

Madame Tussauds Wax Museum. Nope, we didn't buy ticket for it as we were not really interested. I roughly know what they have inside. Saw too many pictures posted in FB from my friends who visited HK already :)

After a few round of escalator rides, we stepped out from the main building to enjoy the breeze and sunshine.

We stopped by this shop selling fries with dipping sauce. As the weather is cold, some warm fried would be nice but once we looked at the price, we went out almost immediately. Hahaha.....

It's EXPENSIVE!! A set of fries with dipping sauce plus a drink is HKD70-80. Not worth laaa....

So, we just lazed around, sitting on bench, enjoying the breeze, enjoying the scenery and watching people passes us by, some with dogs...while waiting for the time to go up to The Sky Terrace for a night view.

The Peak Tower. Amazing architecture. Human being are really capable of building almost everything.
My cousin help me to take pictures. Well, really nothing to do except battling with the strong chilly wind.
Yes, by now, my fingers starting to get numb.

5 minutes later, my mind become unclear and starting to act weird...

Do I look like 'Lady Killer'?
Lui Sat Sau....Lui Sat Sau....

Before I become uncontrollable, I asked them to go inside the building. There are lots of shop selling souvenir but you can expect the pricing as well. All cut throat one lor...

At around 6pm, we went up to Sky Terrace which is on the roof top of The Peak Tower.

Waiting for the sun to set and light to up. Light? What light? Building's light la.

A little bit of fog which covered some of the buildings.

By now, the wind is blowing strong and bring chill down my spine. Kanasai.....why so cold one?

A few minutes later, I completely out of my mind and cannot think straight. Dont believe? See this pictures. Pictures explained thousand words.

Crazily in cold. WTF!

Oh...this is Yip Man's kungfu.

 Please throw all your rubbish there in the rubbish bin. Thank you very much

Do I look like SDU? Terrorist! Terrorist!

See, I told ya I cannot think straight.... Hahaha.....

Finally, night fall. Sigh....wait for you for so long already, until flower also withered.
 My cousin took this picture. The darkest with the brightest light. Because by now, I cannot tahan the chill and went back in the building warming up.

By around 7:30pm, we decided we had enough (or is it just me? :) because I'm complaining all the time) and went to the tram section to go back. But the queue was soooo long until we forced to queue outside of the building. Basically, I was jumping up and down like a person who had fleas and bugs all over while queing ^^..paiseh paiseh

Dinner time. We had our first night dinner @ Macau Restaurant 
We ordered a few of their signature dishes.

 Portuguese baked chicken with rice
 Taste like curry chicken rice. But they are too generous with coconut milk making the whole dish taste more like coconut chicken rice instead.

 Macanese baked pork chop with fried rice
This one is really good. Tomato sauce was just right amount of sweetness and sourness. The pork slice was tender and flavourful. The fried rice mixed tomato sauce topped with pork slice was heavenly. Nice.....

 Stir fried Kailan with mackerel (salted fish)
 Our green of the day. Pieces of kailan although was cut but it still very big size.

Huge right? Same as the diameter of my plate.

Roasted Baby Pigeon
Taste just like chicken with milky taste. Portion is small. Yala, baby ma, what do you expect right? ^^

Portuguese Egg Tart
Soft and full of egg fragrant. Nice and smooth with thousand layers of crust. Definitely a bloody-clogging-arteries piece. But who cares.....tomorrow I'll be walking in freezing cold weather again.

Exercise ma...right?

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