Saturday, February 26, 2011

Introducing Mr. Ro

Hi, this is my best friend, Mr. RO (short form for ROTAN..hahaha). Been introducing Mr. RO to Caleb for about 2 months now.

The first few times when they met, Caleb was thinking "oh great, another new toy for me (because this is similar to plastic ruler that he's been playing all these while)". That few times, I dont have the heart to 'piak' him, just show him the existing of this Mr. RO only.

But after one event where Mr. RO kissed his thigh, Caleb was terrified with him now. It happened when we were eating our 'tapau' dinner on couch. Caleb was standing on the couch a few times. We asked him to sit down a FEW TIMES, from politely saying 'please' to a stern voice saying 'PLEASE' then command him 'SIT DOWN'. All failed.

For a 2-3 times he obeyed us and sat down properly. 2 second later, he was walking on the couch from one end to another, then started boucing up and down. We were so scare that he fall down on the floor and hurt himself. When everything's not working anymore, I took Mr. RO and 'piak' one time on his thigh.

He was shocked and followed by thigh rubbing and his brain keep on processing 'what the hell was that?' and lastly CRY out loud for a good few minutes.

And now, life's been abit easier for me. Whenever he heard of the word "thang tiew" he will drop/ignore everything whatever he's fiddling with (things he not suppose to) and walk away silently without any crying or fussing or throwing tantrum act.

A few times I've trying to reason with him after showing him Mr. RO. I dont know how much he understand things I said. Sometimes he nodded. Sometimes he walked away. Mmmm......

It just a matter of time before he completely outgrown of it. So, we are trying to minimise the usage as little as possible unless absolutely necessary but if everything is totally out of control, Mr. RO will come in to action.

So now, Mr. RO is my best friend! :)

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