Thursday, January 5, 2012

The day that cousin came @ Day 4 - Village Park Nasi Lemak

Today marked the final day for my cousin's holiday in KL and my holiday begin in Penang. Oh, I'm so excited....hehe...Char Koey Teow, Chu Cheong Fun, Curry Mee, Belacan Kay (chicken), here I come!! :)

After dealing with Caleb in the morning i.e making milk for him and make him poo, we left the house at around 10:30am. We decided to go for Village Park Nasi Lemak for our breakfast. My cousin really did her homework well before coming. Asking me where is it, tried before or not, nice or not, can go or not?

Hahaha....can, of course can-laaaaa.... :p

Both of us ordered their signature Nasi Lemak Ayam Goreng @ RM8.00

It was sooo good. The sambal was not overly spicy and it has a hints of sweetness in it. I like it this way, not like others that did their sambal so damn spicy and I dont even know what it taste like. My tongue basically became numb....

The rice was uh la la... filled with fresh coconut fragrance. I'm salivating as I'm typing this. Really good, very lemak-y, milky and fluffy. The fried chicken was so crispy on the outside, tender and moist inside and so well marinated even through the bones.

After our sinfully breakfast, (sigh, there goes my diet plan...) we started our jouney to Penang.

The lampin cloth act as a sunshield... 

At first we plan to stop by Ipoh to grab the famous white coffee and Ipoh hor fun with yong liew but we were too full to stuff anymore food inside. My cousin asked me "So how? want to stop by Ipoh or not?". One look at my superbaby who just conked out and full stomach, I said " need ler. Too full already..." :)

And we continue our journey......straight to Penang.

Caleb woke up 1.5hours later, bought a bottle of yogurt drink for him. He likes it so much until he insisted to hold the bottle himself. Of course, sweet ma... :)

We reached my aunt's place at around 4pm. At first Caleb was a bit shy, so shy that he stood at the door entrance for a few minutes, looking around. After he stepped in the house, he already make himself at home. Running here and there, climb up chairs, pointing here and there, watching tv, went outside the garden to see fishes...

" many fish..."
"Caleb count. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5...."
"Mami, I want to eat fish? Fish niceee..."
" small, how to eat?" hahaha
Picking up leaves
"Throw leaves, where?"
means he want to throw leaves and ask me where to throw... lolz
"Ok, come...let's go inside. Mosquitoes coming out bite-bite already"
and his usual response: "Noooooo, tannot go inside, tannot, tannot tannot"
(tannot = cannot)

Aiyo...kepala pusing (headache) lor. Need to pusing for a few more days....


Mommy to Chumsy said...

hhehee..Caleb is so adorable :) We used to frequent Village Park for coffee in the morning before sending ashley to her kindy nearby. Since she no longer attends kindy, we don't go there anymore. Do miss their fried chicken!

Irene said...

I loooovvveee all Caleb's pictures... are you and your hubby pure Chinese? Hehehe... ever thought of putting Caleb in advertisements?

Wabbitfoot said...

Barb: Thanks :) Yes, I agres their fried chicken are really really good. Speaking of which, I'm drooling again....Gotta have it sometimes this week. Haha

Irene: Oh thank you. Yes, me and hubby are very pure chinese. Hehehe...well, if there are somebody knocking on my door asking to put Caleb in advertisment, I dont mind. Can help a bit in his education fund! :)

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