Thursday, August 9, 2012

When I was small and Christmas trees were tall....

I rummaged through Caleb's photo album since yesterday and I found some of his pictures that quite hilarious. Didn't have the chance to blog everyone of them, so I thought why don't I just dump it all here :)

Time is precious :) (or I'm just plain lazy :))

1. The first time we 'botak'ed him back when he was 2 months old. (Shaolin Kungfu Master's look)
@ 2 months old

2. Fuwahhh...I'm damn angry because my mami dont want to feed me my favourite cookie, just because of what? I don't have enough teeth to chew? Put your finger in mouth, I DARE YOU....
@ 1 year old

3. I'm safe and sound here. My secret hiding place....
@ 1 year 4 months old

4. I told ya, my safely hiding place. Likey.. :)
@ 1 year 9 months old

5. Sometimes I propped  it up and ride in it. Hah! Talking about convenient, eh?
@ 1 year 7 months old

6. This is more like it...Vrooooommm, vrooooommm....
@ 1 year 7 months old

7. You see, with chair, I can fully entertain myself. Get one for yourself TODAY :)
"Uhhhh...what's that down there?"
@ 1 year 7 months old

8. Of course, accident do happen. Yelling does helps, most of the time.
@ 1 year 4 months old

9. What are you thinking mom? A princess ballet dancer? Oh pulezzz......
@ 10 months old

10. When you ask me "how does a bee sounds like?" You gonna expect I'm showing you this face. Buuzzzzz!
@ 1 year 5 months old

11. Like a gangster, I like to put my leg up when I'm eating. After the umpteen time I got scolding from dadi, now I'm just putting up my leg on chair when I'm eating. You know, like 'ah pek' style :)
@ 1 year 4 months old

12. Or you like it if I'm ending up like this? The choice is yours... *evil laugh away*
@ 1 year 10 months old

13. Can't wait. Ngap! Ngap! Ngap!
@ 1 year 9 months old

14. I have weird sleeping styles. Sometimes, I sleep like this.....
@ 1 year 4 months old

15. Or like this.....
@ 1 year 9 months old

16. Or like this if I had too much work to do....
@ 2 years old

So, are you puking with my endless pictures yet? Blame it on my mom, ok? I told her not to already...
Here's more to come....

17. Peek-a-boo!!
@ 1 year 8 months

18. I swear my mom made me wear this blouse.....
@ 1 year 6 months old

19. Poor Thomas..... This explained why Thomas cracked at the butt. Opppsie ....
@ 1 years 9 months old

20. Getting ready to work. Pekerjaan: Penoreh getah (rubber tapper)
@ 2 years 1 months old

21. Awwww...... I look so cute when I'm wearing hat. Agree? Agree? *wink, wink*
@ 2 years old

22. Mami always said: Better start young. By now, I can recognise 40 over words. (*Beaming with pride*)
@ 2 years 2 months old

23. Last one, I shall finish it off with my 'monsterous act'......... You not gonna like it!
@ 2 years old

See, I told you so.......LOLz....


mommy to chumsy said...

awwww.....he's such a cutie pie. seeing these photos made me miss ashley's baby and toddler time :)

Cynful Pleasure said...

he has such a big round eyes!!! so cute!!!

Casw said...

Gosh, such great photos and he's got such round big eyes, a total cutie!

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