Thursday, August 2, 2012

Cuti-cuti Malaysia to Port Dickson & Malacca

We just came back from our short trip to Port Dickson and Malacca last week and yes, I enjoyed it but the driver been grumbling from time to time. He hates driving, especially the North-South Highway. He claimed it made him drowsy or something like after he drank a half pint of beer. (p/s: he can't drink, even a chick hen drink better than him, wakaka. Ok, joke aside)

Anyway, we started off our journey to PD first, stayed in Avillion Admiral Cove (yes, it's great!) for a night and moved to Malacca afterward, stayed in Malacca for another night and back to kl. Jk said it's my cuti-cuti Malaysia, not his. He is only a driver and a banker....lols

I bought a voucher from Living Socials site last month when they have this irresistible deal for a Superior Room for 2 including a buffet dinner and a breakfast only for RM208. BUFFET DINNER and BREAKFAST for 2 larrrr.....and with Caleb, let's make that 3. This little rascal can eat, no joke.

But when I emailed them for reservation, they told me Superior Room were fully taken, wtf right? but they have this Premium and Studio room available, just that we need to top up another RM30/RM50. So, no choice lar, upgrade also upgrade la. Pay lor.... On the second thought, maybe this is one their tactic. Oh....con man, they are everywhere. Chish!!

Every complaint I had in mind vanished when I stepped into the room. It was a huge, clean and nice, a king-sized soft and comfy bed, elegant working place, a day bed with big pillows (but I dont dare to touch them la, god knows when the last time they got washed and changed. ahemmm), a washing basin in the room........

The bathroom was equally nice, with rain effect shower head. Isn't that's what you always hope for a good shower? I know I am :)

Time for picture posing....before the room get whacked down. :)

The color of his sleeveless shirt blends in so well... ^.^

Next, we walked around in the vicinity of the hotel....

First up, marina view which a lot of yatchs and boats docking. Some for sale, very cheap SGD500k only :) Peanuts right? *grin*

Pheeeuiiiit!! What a pose. *Pls ignore the fat lady beside*
(Notice the weather out there? So hot, it can kill, man! No joke.)

My, oh my magic crystal rock ball, tell me what would I be in future....

Petting farm with 2 cocks cockerels, 1 hen and a few of bouncing rabbits and ta-da! a petting farm.

Luckily his only interest is the pool. Ok, off to the pool we go!! (after applied tonnes of sunblock all over)

Heading to the pool...

Caleb is having sooooooo much fun.

That night we had dinner at Trader's Food Shop. The buffet itself was quite decent. Not much variety and taste wise, just so-so. But I managed to have 4-5 rounds of food. Hahaha.....When you have nothing to do, all that you thinking of is just food, basically.

We slept at 10pm that night. A very good night sleep. Thanks to the fluffy, comfy King-sized bed, although Caleb's flying kicks us a few time.

The next morning, we woke up at 7:30am.'s our daily waking up time btw. So, after dilly dally ding dong ding dong, we went for their breakfast at around 8:30am. So early but we couldn't a vacant table in the restaurant. So, we chooses a seat outside, facing the sea. Not bad, just that the damn flies were really irritating.  

Not so much of selection for the breakfast too but dont be choosy and still it can filled you up. I took a few pieces of toasted breads, some fried meehoon, yucky sausages (I have no idea why on earth they have such tasteless sausages), egg omelette and some fruits. Oh and some cereals for Caleb to munch on.

After breakfast, we just walked around again. At first we planned to bring him to the beach and play sand, built some sandcastle, scoop sea water. Afterall, that was the initial plan of bringing him to PD. But this fella is so obsessed with the pool (too syiok already yesterday), he didnt want to go to the beach. Sighh.....

So we went to the swimming pool for one last time again.

Before that, I need to make him poo first. But no potty, how ar?, put on a thinking hat and look around. Aha! Pillow....big pillowsss. Hehehehe.......and I turned it into Caleb's poo-ing wonderland!

Good idea...... :D

We checked out from the hotel and began our journey to another destination. Malacca, here we come!

(to be continue....)


Cynful Pleasure said...

I always see people post pictures of Avilion, and each time, I tell myself I must go... ONE DAY..

Cas said...

I can see baby bump!! :) Caleb looks so happy in all the shots. Your room looks different than mine. I didnt know there's a petting area for the kids, guess now got more reasons to go back and explore eh.

mommy to chumsy said...

wow, looks like a great place. perhaps i should think about going here next time. i think this is better than thistle.

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