Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 1 - Penang

I better start compiling about my Penang/Hong Kong trip and not procrastinating anymore while my memory still serve me well. a day, here you tell me something the next minute I totally forgot about it...cham cham cham..... is this sign of Parkinson? :)

The day started as usual. Caleb woke up and went around in the room and hovering all over me and jk. After a good half an hour 'tour', I opened the door and  he went straight to kitchen mumbling 'mack', 'mack', 'mack' (aka milk) all the way.

My mil helping me out with his daily pooing process while I continue packing my luggage. Well, some things need to pack last minute like cleanser, toner, moisturiser, toothbrush, bla,bla,bla ... you got the idea.

Anyway, I called a taxi the day before to send me to the airport as jk was busy exactly that time. So no choice, need to part with my RM60 for that trip.
Not much crowd at LCCT. See, chairs all empty.

After I've touched down, I was greeted by my cousin and our food exploring begin. First stop, we bought one coconut jelly at Jalan Dato Kramat. It is actually a coconut which outer husk is removed and roasted in the oven. After a cooling period, they are then placed in the cooler room. During this period, jelly will be formed. Really something new to me!

The jelly is formed through the hot and cold process.
Sorry, no pictures of jelly to show here. Because we were too busy tucking our spoon in and scooped the jelly inside. Cool and refreshing. Nice....
We proceed to Lorong Selamat for my long lost friend. "Mr. Char Koey Teow"
I miss you so much Mr. Char. Mr. Char in Penang is the best! Nothing beats you, well, not in those hawker kopitiam Char Koey Teow taste as good as you. Okay..enough enough...

Come, let's me introduce my Mr. Char....

For freaking RM7 per plate, my Mr. Char definitely doesn't come cheap. With 3 big shrimps, lap cheong, cockles (which I dont eat), egg, bean sprouts and chives and lots of lard oil, I can sense my artery starting clogging already. Hahaha...

But it's good. So I dont care. :)

Next on the menu is Penang Prawn Hokkien Mee.
I always loves Penang Prawn Hokkien mee but all stalls in KL that served it really sucks! It is really hard to find a decent one or may I say "THEY DOESNT FREAKING EXIST!!" :)

The soup was flavourful. The chilies give a real oomph into the soup as well. Really nice! Even the pork slices were really tender and nice. The half boiled egg also nice after being soaked in the soup for some time.

Everything is good! Too bad the bowl and spoon cannot be eaten. If not, I'd swallowed them both. Hmmp! hahaha...ya, I know, very kua cheong la....

Moving on....

After our late lunch, we proceed to Gurney Plaza. My cousin need to stock up her facial cleaning stuff, so we went into Parkson. After that we walked walked, see see, we were tired and need to sit down somewhere.

So, we went into Winter Warmers.
My new casing. Nice? It's red color devil with fangs and ears and everything. :)

I ordered a pot of rose tea and it comes with lemon slice in my cup.
I think it had a calming effect because not long after that my feet was suddenly relieved. No more 'souring' feeling (does this word exist?) anymore.

After chit chatting and gossip here and there, it's time for dinner. We walked to the Gurney Drive which a few steps away from Gurney Plaza. 

There were a lot of people there and we could hardly find a decent place to sit. We thought of sharing table but luckily we found one empty table.
People mountain people sea. Everyday also like that ka? Mmm....

I ordered a bowl of Koey Teow Th'ng and I asked my cousin to order my another long lost friend.
Mr. Sotong Goreng along with all his friends, fried chicken wings and fried lap cheong. Yum yum....

With all good foods in our stomach, we went back home lo. Very tired at the end of the day. ;)

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