Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wedding dinner @ hometown

We attended a wedding dinner held in our hometown (jk and I are from the same hometown ;)) last weekend. It was actually jk's cousin wedding but not a very close one.

Well, we dont really keen in attending wedding dinner. Apart from the dishes served were terribly done (tasteless and cold ..yikes :( ), it was a very boring night. There was no numbering sitting and basically everybody were like free and easy, scattering everywhere. Ended up we sat with strangers.

We brought Caleb there too. My mil was busy 'parade'-ing Caleb to her relatives. Me and jk laughed and said that Caleb become an 'exhibit'; namely 'Exhibit A' whereas me and jk become 'Exhibit B' and 'Exhibit C' ... hahaha

Caleb was being himself all the times, restless and wanted to stand up on his baby chair. Unless I continuously feed him. Yes, CONTINUOUSLY FEEDING HIM. It's like never ending food need to put on his plate. Once a while when we felt he had too much food, we took turns carrying him outside/around looked at things.

I didnt take any pictures of the foods. No presentation and there was nothing to shout about. So in the end I just took a few pictures of Caleb running and playing around with other kids on stage.

Up on stage dancing.
That 2 fingers act as his 'chut chut'. Whenever he feel sleepy, he will suck on his fingers. This indicate it near his bedtime already. His comfort-tools.

Yes, baby. It's time to go home now.

What you do think of his outfit? Got tie somemore leh....haha. Can pretend to be the groom instead? Lolz..

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