Wednesday, April 18, 2012

When they start talking....

Conversation #1
Caleb: Mami, do you want to play ball?


Caleb: No, Mami cannot say no. SAY YES!

Me: No, Mami don't want to play ball.

Caleb: No, no...SAY YES. Mami be good girl, ok? ok?

Me: (hahaha...) Okla, okla. Play ball la.

Caleb: YEAH!! Hooray! Let's play ball.

Me: *pengsan*

Conversation #2
Caleb: Where is dadi?

Me: Dadi go working.

Caleb: Go where working?

Me: Go office working lor.

Caleb: Where office working?

Me: Office lor.

Caleb: Where office?

Me: (sighhh...) quiet.

Caleb: No, cannot be quiet. I want to talk (cantonese: oi kong yeh)

Me: No, cannot talk. (cantonese: no, cannot kong yeh)

Caleb: (whine and started to cry) Ehhhh....oi kong yeh. wuuuu, wuuuu...

Me: *pengsan*

Conversation #3
Me: Caleb come, change and wear your pant. We are going kai kai.

Caleb: Go where kai kai? Playground or eat-eat? Which one? (we normally go out for breakfast)

Me: (wahseh, know how to ask me back) Go eat-eat.

Caleb: YEAH!! Hooray! Let's go eat-eat! (happily skipping around)

Me: *pengsan*

My mom commented that I'm cruel for not letting him talk. But hey, sometimes when all you want is some silent or peace, this guy's talking can be real annoying. Hahaha....I know, I know, I shouldn't be complaining. Well this is just another phrase we're going through in 'the walk into parenthood', eh?


yvonne said...

Totally understandable! I have 2 chatterbox at home and sometimes by the end of the day, I am darn tired and wish to be left alone.... and I mean it. So I ask the sister and brother to talk and chat to each other. Please exclude me~~

*wipe sweat* Talking about cruelty, lol!

Wabbitfoot said...

@yvonne: i wish he have somebody else to talk to.
You know what, your idea isn't that bad idea afterall. Sibling's talk and exclude the mommy please, thank you very much :)

Irene said...

Cuteness! Records these moments. We will miss them.

Mommy to Chumsy said...

oh yes....when they haven't started talking, we wish that they would start soon. when ashley talked nonstop, i wish there is a button that i can pause :P

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