Saturday, April 14, 2012

the day Caleb @ Tesco and Sushi King

Yesterday, I took Caleb out for grocery shopping in Tesco. For the past 2 months, my outing with Caleb becoming more frequent. I'm more confident in bring him out all by myself too. Ya, he can listen to the instructions and threats very well now. He knows that if he misbehave, he got 'a friend' - aka ROTAN aka CANE he is going to meet when he reached home.

I'm glad that he found sitting on the trolley is a fun thing to do and he'd quietly sit in there.

As we were browsing through rack of stuffs, suddenly Caleb whispered: "Mami, shh shh..." I asked him to say it one more time and yes, he repeated again "Shh, shh..." Oh.My.God.

I told him to hold his pee while I ran over to cooking oil station and grabbed a bottle, put in the trolley and dashed out to an empty counter to pay. All these while I constantly asked him to hold it, hold it. Dont shh, shh on the trolley, ok?

We finally made it to the toilet on ground floor safely. Phheewwwww........ I can't imagine if he really peed on the trolley and on the floor. *shiver*

So, both of us had Sushi King for lunch, yum yum. Caleb likes japanese food very much, luckily. Now I have a companion if I craved for sushi or ramen. Haha. Oh, and we can forget the father in this case.

While waiting for our bento set to arrive, I took a plate of Edamame for him.

He loves it so much and let me have a peek inside. :)

I ordered this bento for both of us. Caleb whacked most of the rice and salmon and some pieces of fried chicken. He gave me two thumbs up for this.

Concentrating on using chopstick.

This is his smiley face when I asked him to show me one.

At last, gave up on using chopstick. Use hand better la... haha


mommy to chumsy said...

He's such a cutie. I guess he really love bento eh? When Ash was around his age, she doesn't like to eat much :(

yvonne said...

My girl goes to Sushi King to eat ebiko/fried scallop/salmon without rice. Thus, I have all the rice only.... there goes my diet.

And my son... he peed on the car's carpet once because he couldn't hold any longer to reach home :S

Cas said...

He's so cute! I really LOLed at "he knows that if he misbehave, he got 'a friend' - aka ROTAN aka CANE he is going to meet when he reached home"! Too funny!

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