Friday, January 14, 2011

I'm back!

Just came back from my 7-days-in-heaven-trip :)

Well, it suppose to be....

But the weather in Hong Kong was extremely cold and dry. The lowest temperature while I was there was 7C and the highest was 12C *fainted*

It was so cold and when the wind blow, fuuuuyohhh..I can't even remember what is my mom's surname ;)

Still editing all the pictures ... took about 500+ for this trip. Haha

Okla, will blog about it very soon :)

Little update on this little rascal...I bought this bath robe towel for Caleb from Disneyland. He got a Mickey T-shirt too and 4 boxes of finger food and biscuit... He got the most things from this trip. Yeah!

Can he recognise me after he didnt see me for almost a week? The answer is YES! Just that he stunned for 2 seconds when he saw me at KLIA airport. Brain processing........ and finally ran to me with open arms and hugged me tight. Uhhh....I almost had tears in my eyes.

Ok then. I need to bath him already...Blog later ya..

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