Saturday, June 13, 2009

Indulgence after my check up...

I went for my bi-weekly check up last thursday and the good news was....I only gained 1kg!!!
Doctor was pleased, jk was pleased and I'm more than pleased! That means I can have a very good dinner afterward...hahaha

As usual, jk asked me the same question: "Eat what?" and the indulgence begin......ngek ngek ngek!

First stop: Sakae Sushi in IOI Mall. Sorry no pictures because too excited already ..LOL

Second stop: Secret recipe. Cakes!!

Chocolate Indulgence. Mixture of Belgium chocolate and white chocolate. But too creamy and not much layer of spongy cake.

Classic Cheese. This is not the picture I took. I just found it in the net. I ordered take away for both. But after I opened up the box, the cakes overturn inside...if i post up that picture, you wont want to eat cakes anymore...hahaha

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