Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sweet dessert @ Sweet Heart Cafe

Anyone know me well or at least had a few lunch or dinner with me at any 'tai chow' or restaurant should know that I like sweet and sour thingy very much. Be it chicken, pork or fish, it doesn't matter....

Sweet and sour pork: image from the google search
Sweet sour pork is my whole-time favourite dish. I remembered when I was working in Batang Berjuntai, I always ordered this dish whenever they asked me for an opinion. Until one day all of them protest and forbid to even utter the word "Ku Lou...." Nasty colleagues I had... :D
They: Noooo...not again....
Me: What again? we didnt had that yesterday... :D
They: But we had that 4 times last week.
Me: We did? LOL
Anyway, last few weeks ago, me and jk were lurking around bandar puteri looking for food. Sometimes it is so hard to make a decision on what food to have. And sometimes we come to a conclusion that there are no food to eat, go back and cook maggi mee instead....problem solved.

We stumbled across this dessert shop near Kiew Brother dried meat, just few steps away from the badminton center in Bandar Puteri.

Sweet Heart Cafe
Interior is clean and comfortable. Food pictures that they hung up wall are quite captivative. Food are great, tong sui (desserts) are nice and plenty of choices. The only downturn are the chairs inside, making me difficult to enjoy my meal.
You know, they have these kinda plastic-rubbery chair that when you sit on it and lay back, the chair become out of shape. Is like when you move your shoulder to the left or right, the chair will follow your movement...and with the table quite low, always 'kena' my ever-so-big tummy when I sit up right to eat my meals......darn!
But that's ok because they serve a quite good sweet and sour pork!

And quite a cheap set meal...
Available only on weekdays, from 12pm-2pm, choose any set meal of rice or noodle which come with free ice lemon tea,

and one scoop of ice cream. The cheapest set start from RM6.90 (if I'm not mistaken). ku lou yuk.....nice nice nice
Their finger food are expensive thou. Like these 4 pieces of fried thin noodles with dont know what inside ( I forgot) and it costs RM5.50.'s that expensive!
I only like their char siew pau. Nice and sweet filling inside. The buns are soft. 2 for Rm2.50 but no picture to upload. Next time ya..

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