Monday, March 18, 2013

Caven @ 3 months

My little Caven finally got his 2nd dose of Hep B plus DTaP, Polio, Hib jab last week despite him being an illegal baby. No IC but still can see doctor :) Nice....

Anyway, he got checked on his growth. The first check up since his birth which was 3 months ago:

Weight: 5.2kg
Length: 61.5cm
Head circumference: 40cm

Not bad right for a fully 100% breastfed baby. I'm so thankful that my supply is sufficient for him and I know I'm as a mother giving him the best protection in the whole world. Nevermind about the lack of sleep, nevermind about having to eat a huge plate of rice everyday (which explained why I didn't lose weight), nevermind about him conquering my boobies all the time, nevermind....nevermind :)

I'm still overwhelmed on his growth and just surviving on my breastmilk alone.

That day my mil was carrying Caven walking around downstairs at our apartment, one auntie was asking: "Drink what milk wor?" I said "drinking breastmilk lor". Then she proceeded into saying aiyah, why giving breastmilk, so ma fan. Every 2 hours need to eat, this la, that la.

My mil said "What is so ma fan, now everybody is giving baby breastmilk, it's good for them. You outdated de la..." then walked away. Fuiyohh! :D

And I was so tempted of answering her back "Auntie ar, you everyday eat rice also ma fan la, why you still want to eat? Need to buy la, cook la, wash la....., don't eat la punt (I'm not refering to the bottom of the boat by the way) Nope, didn't say that. See next time I got the chance I'll let her taste back her own medicine.

Hand's up! Mana IC? Tadak IC balai cakap...

Yes, tidur also need to check IC....

Now where was I? Oh ya, about the jab. Apparently, DTaP (diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis) is the caused should Caven develop fever, so they gave us a bottle of paracetamol - just in case. Luckily Caven is fine just that he was so tired the next day and slept throughout the day and night :) Not bad eh?

The next jab would be in another 2 months time. much I was worried about the side effect of all this vaccines, they still need it, so only thing I can do is to prolong it.

So, with Paed's consent, 2nd dose of DTaP, Polio and Hib will only be given when Caven in 5 months old.

This is Caleb giving Caven a kiss. Oh did I tell you Caleb loves his didi very much? Hehe....he really do.

Muaks! Muaks! Muaks!

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yvonne said...

Aww.... the last photo is so lovely.

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