Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Don't leave didi behind...

We went back to our hometown last weekend and it was just a very quick 2D/1N stay, just to let my mom and dadto  have a look at 3 months old Caven. Yes, they grow up really fast. Every time I went back home, my mom said Caven looks different.

That night while I was tucking Caleb to sleep, we had a little conversation:

Me: Caleb, didi stay at ah ma's (my mom) house, ok? We go back home in kl. You, mami and dadi only.

Caleb: Noooo.....I want didi. Mami have to bring didi go back home, ok?

Me: But didi always wake up cry cry cry, then how?

Caleb: Didi cry, Caleb shake shake the chicken like this (it's a chicken rattle which shut Caven up every time he cry), then MaMa (my mil) carry didi ngoi ngoi ngoi (what he mean is carry in the arms), then didi no more cry cry already.

Me: Errr.....ok.

Caleb: *not convinced with the reply* Mami remember to bring didi, ok? Didi cannot stay with Ah Ma........

Me: Okla okla......let's sleep.

5 minutes of silent trying to sleep...... and out of sudden...

Caleb: *still not convinced* Mami remember to bring didi, ok? remember ok?

Me: Aiyo....okok. Now sleep :)

Caleb is soooo worried that we will leave behind his little brother. Hahaha.......and I begin to feel that he can be really long-winded (cheung hei).

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Mommy to Chumsy said...

awwww....he's a good kor kor :)

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