Saturday, September 18, 2010

Malacca trip...part 2

Ok, back to part 2 of our Malacca trip.

After we've checked into our room, done admiring the room, the toilet, the bed, the, FREE and EASY program.

Some of us want to do manicure and pedicure, some want to do spa, some want to go for massage and some just want to go for a swim. For me, I desperately need to get my foot done. Both my heel cracked like street map.

For each room we booked, we got special price for body massage only at RM88++. I didnt take it because my first priority still my cracked heel la..I WANT PEDICURE!!

Spa Pedicure 60min for RM65. Sounds good, right? How about adding on another relaxing bath? Sounds great too! hehe 

Without wasting anymore time, 4 of us went down to level 3 and make our booking time.

All our session will only start in half an hour time. So, we went back room and eat CAKES. What cake ar? Mmm...Melaka super famous Mille Crepe @ Nadeje.

Bought it on the way to the hotel. Original, Rum raisin, Green tea and Berrystrawberry. Original is the best! Rum raisin also not bad la. Strawberry ok also. Green tea so so only. Anyway, 4 slices already RM34. No choice, famous ma...have to try ^^

Ok, back to the spa....
So, in the end I took Spa Pedicure for 60min and Aromatherapy bath for 30min. As the description written there: Refresh yourself with the mixture of lavender (yum yum) and sea salt for a calming (oh yea, I need that) and soothing sensation. 

As good as that sound, it even better when you soak in it. Remember when you watched some English movie where a lady wearing nothing (I'm sure she got something on.. :)) soak in a bathtub with 2 ft high bubbles cover everything except the head part? Yes, that's what it looks like and it is damn so relaxing. The 'ji ji ji' part where jacuzzi swaying it miracle wand...feel so gooood. Relieved everything instantly...

For 30 mins, I'm in heaven. RM50? Worth every penny.

There is a bathtub outside the room, at the balcony. Only covered with blinds and there I was, soaking in a bubble aromatherapy bath.

After the bath, I was lead to another rooom where my friend was waiting. We did our pedicure by laying down on the bed. Eh, not bad can sleep while someone fiddling with your foot. :)

Later in the evening, we proceeded for our dinner at Portuguese Settlement over at Jalan d'Albuquerque, Ujong Pasir. I have no idea how to pronouce d'Albuquerque.

Upon reaching, we were swarmed by alot of pakcik-pakcik telling us which stall to go. Everyone seem yelling on top of their voice and it was very very annoying. Really Ma-Chi-Pet la...grrr
At the end, six of us dispersed in different direction. Seeing this, all of them went off and bugging another newly arrive customer. Then we gathered again for final decision.

88 seems got a lot of customers....the food must be very good la...

Ok, we come.

No pictures this time because my camera was drowed in 'foot water' during my pedicure session. Haaaaiiii.....

Anyway, food was so-so. Nothing to talk about too. We ordered Ikan bakar Portuguese Style, fried calamari, butter-milk prawn, devil's chicken, and i forgot. My permanently short term memory lost served me well. :)

After dinner activity is KARAOKE!

The Karaoke was situated at The Jetty, just a walking distance from our hotel. But walking distance also quite far. I think we walked for 5 minutes to reach there because it located at the very end of the Jetty. They do provide a golf cart service for you to sit in. We walked as we waited the buggy to appear but we didnt see any sign of it until we have reached the Karaoke. Tired. Not yet sing already tired le... haha

Walked and walked and walked...

Still walking...

Finally... Go Go KTV Box...

It is a decent and clean karaoke. No hanky-panky going on there despite you hear the name. Go Go rhyme with Agogo right? :)

Next morning we enjoyed our buffet breakfast in the hotel. They have variety of food selection there and it is definitely value for RM20++/person.

Salad, ham, doughnut, soft bun with butter and strawberry jam and I forgot what pie is that already. Lol

Scrambled egg, pau, hash browns, half siew mai, hot dogs with sambal. Hot dog dipped with sambal very nice :)

(i'm sure guys dont mind i put your pictures in my blog right? :D)

After breakfast we talked, we bitched, we laughed and prepared for check out at 12pm.

Before we went back, stopped by San Shu Gong at Dataran Pahlawan. This store sells almost the same product as Tan Kim Hock but their packaging are more nicely done. I bet all those already included in the price that we need to pay. Definitely a perfect choice if you want to make it as a gift.

Before we concluded our Melaka 2D1N trip, we had our lunch at this Hakka Restaurant.

Been there last time when we went to Melaka meeting with jk's brother's family. There I've tasted a very very super duper nice mui choy kau yuk (preserved vege with pork-layered-fats). I dont eat kau yuk normally because it very fatty and oily and yuckie. Anyway this shop served a very good one. One of the best...

And I didnt snap a picture. Hahaha..too busy eating already :)

My camera is working again after I left it opened up in our room overnight. I supposed the dry air conditional dried up all the components inside. Anway, it is a Good News!!

Clock wise: Butter Prawn, Vietnamese Spring roll (I think la), Salty fish pork, Stir-fried Choy tam
Middle: Bittergourd chicken

Melaka trip coming to an end. So guys, when will be our next trip again?

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