Wednesday, December 9, 2009

the day @ Melaka

Last weekend, we had our first family first to Melaka. Notice the word 'family'? Haha...yes, family.
Anyway, the whole purpose of this trip is to meet up with jk's brother and his family and my mil. And another reason is I'm too bored being constraint at home (going from hometown back to kl is not consider 'a trip' ok?) So, it's time for some vacation. And somemore now is year end mah...people suppose to go for vacation in year end, right?

The initial plan was to start our journey at 11am but after ding dong ding dong with lil' fler with his morning nap, feeding and bathing...initial plan was delay to 1pm, and both of us havent had our breakfast. We munched on McDonald's nuggets and fries in the car.

Caleb slept in his car seat.
Then he slowly open the eyes and woke up.
Why? because the car didnt move. The traffic was pretty bad after we exit from highway into Melaka town.

And he fully awake. Grinning from ear to ear. He always like that after he woke up from his nap.

After we check-in our hotel, we headed to Dataran Pahlawan. We supposed to meet up with jk's brother and his family at some restaurant but due to freaking bad jam, we couldnt make it on time to join in for lunch. So we just ate something on our own.

Had kanasai lunch in one of those kopitiam restaurant in Pahlawan's mall. Jk ordered nasi paprik ayam and I ordered fried yee mee. Mine one looks ok but jk's nasi paprik smell fishy. Can you imagine ayam, I mean chicken smell like fish? my my... (*shaking head)
As predicted, jk begin to mumble mumble grumble grumble on the nasi paprik in front of him. So, to stop any of his further nonsense grumbling, I offered an exchange. Haiii....He finished the whole plate of fried yee mee in seconds. Me, I have to feed my little boss first before I can have my meal in peace.

Behind Dataran Pahlawan Mall is the ruins of Fort A Famosa ruins. We didnt noticed that until we went around looking for parking. And looking for parking on sunday+shopping complex+tourist spot is a nightmare+nightmare+another nightmare...

Anyway, we meet up with jk's brother and his family and mom at Starbucks. Haha...yup, we went to Starbucks in Melaka while we didnt even bother to step in Starbucks in KL...

Pic of me and Caleb and Isabelle

So there we were chit chatting, sipping coffee, catching up with each other's babies...Caleb and Christabelle only 1 and half months apart.
Suddenly I remembered I have something in mind, I think I saw some bags in one of the store but didnt go in because jk was carrying Caleb and they walked in front of me. By the time I want to call out for them, they already quite far in front. So, since my mil carrying Caleb around Starbucks, I can go shop alone lar...nice, so long didnt feel this way :)

Finally after much bargaining, I bought this....Cow print bag. Dont you think this suit Caleb perfectly? hehehe
This bag serve as diaper kai kai bag, stuffing Caleb's properties inside. Diapers, hanky, extra clothes, thermos for hot water, bottles, teats, carrier and god knows what else...

After almost 2 hours in Starbucks, we headed for our dinner at Jonker Street. We just tagged along as Jk's brother said their gang already made a reservation.

Christabelle in pram outside Dataran Pahlawan waiting for her daddy to pick up...

Mah Mah carrying Caleb, so Mami free to take photos la

When Isabelle saw me busying taking photos, she straight away pose and said "take me take me"
Dadi carrying Caleb, but why Caleb make a sad face?

So, upon reaching Jonker Street, we tried to find this makan place. But it was so isolated. In the dark alley suppose to have a place to eat? Mmmm....walk walk but feeling so doubtful.

It turned out to be an antique makan shop. and they only serve 8 tables inside. You have to make a reservation for it, or they dont entertain you (their rule of thumb). Be it if you are a tycoon or a Minister. This is suppose to be quite famous among Singaporean because they (jk's brother's friends) said Singapore previous PM dine in here everytime he come to Melaka for a visit. So, the foods are known to be superb and heavenly!!

I think that is the boss's son on the counter. He is taking all the orders for us.
I dont care how superb or heavenly the food are, I think my nen nen is the best!! Haha...Caleb said.
Menu on the wall. I only know RM160 for half of roasted piglet. We ordered that dish and I think that is the most best tasted so far. I dont eat roasted piglet normally...

Fried mee with oysters. Oysters are quite fresh and it didnt leave a fishy smell at all. When jk first saw all the oysters swimming inside, he rejected all together. But when he heard one of his brother's gang saying "Wow...heavenly" He begin to have second thought. Haiii....afterall, we live only once, right?

Bittergourd braised with pai kuat. I didnt taste this as I dont eat bittergourd. Why? Because I dont like bitter stuff. Many of you will say, aiya..why got? But then, tell me, why they call it bittergourd in the first place?

We had more dishes but I couldnt take photos each dishes. My mil was carrying Caleb and I'm suppose to finish my meal in the speed of light so that she can passed Caleb to me. Feel awkward la...taking my own sweet time taking pics while she eat and struggling with Caleb in her arm.

What a trip to Melaka without dunking in a Durian Chendol, right? This bowl of Durian Chendol cost RM5.80
Everything in Jonker Street is costly....

Next morning, after we had breakfast at nearby shop, went back to hotel room and the babies had photos taking session. Let's compare who has the longest leg, biggest thigh, chubbiest face...

Christabelle and Caleb Isabelle, Christabelle and Caleb
Guess where we went next?
Yupe, Dataran Pahlawan Mall again.... Melaka is consist of Dataran Melaka, Hotel and Jonker Street. By the time we reached Dataran Melaka, Caleb slept on my shoulder. Luckily, Christabelle's pram is available. But as soon as I put him down, he opened his eyes instantly. What to do, carry again lor....

Since we had enough of Mall's food, we decided to drive around searching for food. And we had Hakka food for lunch.
Hakka Kitchen.. as big as hen...

Christabelle with Mommy

My drink...something with white fungus
Caleb's drink. Plain water...haha
Hakka yong tau fu

We had much more foods, just that I couldnt take photos each of it. Why? because Caleb was sleeping in my arm again.


Sujean said...

Aiyo... you Caleb become more n more cuteeeeee oledi la... It's good to have a short trip... see soemthing different... nice nice... I also long long long time never go Melaka d... went there like in standard 6 :p

Pauline C said...

Wow, looks like an enjoyable trip. I'm going there too this weekend...

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