Saturday, September 18, 2010

Caleb sick

Caleb is having fever for the past 2 days. His temperature fluctuate 36.9 deg to 37.4 deg, coming and going and a bit high especially at night and midnight. Other than that he's behaviours are normal.

- Messed around the house as usual.
- Crawling at the speed of lightning.
- Throwing things around
- Eat his porridge impatiently

But he didnt seem to finish up his milk.

He slept around 10pm at night but will be wailing around 3:30 - 4am in the morning. I guessed maybe due to some mucus and blocking his air way. Tossed and turned the whole night until 5am and only settling down to sleep again.

For 2 nights, we didnt got much sleep.

So, better bring him to see Doctor...

Dr Chan confirmed that he is having inflammation inside his throat. Red and swollen, and due to that made him difficult to breath and sleep. And because of that, his fever wont subside.
The Dr asked if we want to let Caleb to recover naturally (means more sleepless nights) or prescript an antibiotic. I asked for the latter one because superbaby cannot sleep, everyone also no need to sleep.

Today is the 2nd day after he took the medicine. Getting better... :) But the mami fall sick already :*(

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