Friday, September 10, 2010

Malacca trip...part 1.

Selamat Sejahtera...and Selamat Hari Raya. Will be going back to my hometown tomorrow to celebrate Hari Raya.

Cousins and 3rd aunt will be coming for visit. My cousin sister asked me last night: "eh, what we are going to do in your house?"

I said "Err, got a few things can do la, 1st: main main with my superbaby, 2nd: koh tok (torture) by my superbaby, 3rd: koh tok my superbaby, list go on and on and on..... See? so many things to do.

I think my cousin sister pengsan on the spot.... hehe

Oh, about my Melaka trip. Fuywooh!! Soooo relax, sooooo bitchy, soooo full with food. :D

Dont really have a time to blog about it since I took more than 150 pictures and all waited to be edited. Anyway, here what we did in Melaka.

We started our journey at around 9am. On the way, our tyre was punctured by a bloody nail. So, eagerly looking for a shop to fix it and by the time we've done, it's already 10am.

So, we come!!

Yeah!! Finally.....Melaka, bandaraya bersejarah.

Thank you for welcoming us...You dont welcome also no choice because we've already here. Haha..

 First stop for shopping at Tan Kim Hock that famous for their local products and durian cendol. Since one of our friend need to look for marshmallow specially for her nieces, so we stopped and let her do her shopping. I just walked around and snapped pictures la.

Mountain and mountains of cookies, crackers, biscuits, salty and sourish junk food...

"Eh, I want the one on top, nehhh...the highest one, can ar?"

Next, we proceed to more and more grocery shopping... We parked our car at jonker street and walked to dunno where to buy gula melaka. Haha...just followed and snapped pictures again

Negotiated gula melaka price with the shop owner. 

PC: Bang, berapa satu? 

Owner: Satu 3 ringgit, empat 10 ringgit.
(Continue nego nego nego, bla bla bla...until become RM10 for 7 pieces)

PC: Saya nak 20 ringgit, bang, bagi 15 boleh?

Owner: Aii, okla boleh la..

Me: Joo, how come from one for RM3 now become RM20 for 15 pieces ar?

Joo: I also dont know

Both of us giggle giggle giggle...

We should bring our nego-queen with us next time. She can do a very good job. :)

After we've done with our shopping (actually only one person buying things la..), it's almost lunch time. We planned to have our lunch at this very very famous-the first and foremost come out with the chicken rice ball recipe and idea Kedai Kopi Chung Wah. The queue was not that bad, so we thought while waiting for seat kill some time and waiting for S'pore's team B to arrive.

Anyway, chicken rice ball just ok, so-so. The big plate of steamed chicken looked like some chicken had been badly mutilated. Haha....all hancur. Taste wise quite bland and tasteless. Mmmm...maybe my tongue already spoilt. Like jk said: sudah rosak.. :)

From top left: Cendol from jonker88, top bottom: curry laksa and asam laksa
From top right: badly mutilated chicken, top bottom: chicken rice ball

Ok....finally checked in into our hotel. This time we were staying at Holiday Inn. The view was magnificent...over looking the Straits of Malacca. Nice nice nice (bleaming..from ear to ear :))

Holiday Inn welcoming us...

We requested for 2 rooms with connecting door in between. So that we can messed up the room all together. Haha..
The room was very very very nice and comfy. Yeap, definitely one of the best hotel in Malacca.

 Swmming pool view from our room. 

Did you see The Jetty sign? Haha...that is where we going to be tonight for Karaoke!! Yeah!!...
A bunch of aunties sing karaoke...While waiting for our room with all the youngsters, making me feel so old.

Ok, done for part 1. Tired...need my beauty sleep now. To be continue.....

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