Thursday, July 2, 2009

Final clean up and packing in Hometown

I went back to my hometown last weekend and had a few of my 'craving food' there.....

This will be my last trip going back up until I've delivered. Yupe, my confinement will be at my hometown, my house, my room, my bed and being serve by not 1 but 2 confinement lady. Like your royal highness like that..lollollol..... Who are the 2? My mom and my MIL laaaa.. :) One become my tukang masak and another one become my tukang jaga baby...Blissful eh? Dont jeles...hahahah

Anyway, since I dont have anything to do at home, I digged out all baby clothings that were given to me. Thank you auntie Sally, anutie Sujean and Hk's aunt. Yes, all given. Some are just newly bought by auntie Sujean, some 2nd hand passed down to me by auntie Sally. I dont mind, nope..not at all. Some are still new and like havent worn before.

See? Mountain and mountain of clothes. Maybe be if I have twin also cannot finish wearing.. :D

Yupe, these are the only part of it. Another half still at my MIL's place. But that will only fit when he's reaching 1 or 2 years old...

For now, it should be more than enough. Unless if I couldnt resist and buy those 'joker' baby clothes when I come across it again..heheheh..

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