Wednesday, July 1, 2009

1st time stepped foot in SJMC

This morning I woke up with chest pain. It just below my rib cage and it's really pain when I tried to move from left to right or right to left and taking a deep breath. As now I have to wake up more than 5 times just to go to the toilet in middle of the night. If I remained still for some time and move, I'll feel pain at the back, side, chest, butt, arms, pendek kata...everywhere la.... hai....

It worried me as I just had a fall few days ago and when I told jk in the morning, he asked whether want to go see doctor or not. I said ok. Dr. Fong's clinic not open on Wednesday ( he just open 3 days in a week), we have to go to SJMC if we really need to see him. So I thought, ok no harm going also as we havent been there before. We just want know that if anything happen, we know where we need to head to. We were told by Dr Fong's nurse we should straight go to Labour Ward, new wing, level 4 and not Emergency Unit because just pushing you in the wheelchair to Labour ward, they'll charge in the bill. Wahhh...Robbery in daylight without a knife arrrr.......sei mou

Anway, we drove to SJMC. As we reaching the traffic light, we dont know where to turn to as there are 2 buildings. Took a wild guess and choose the one on the right. And then we have to figure which entrance to go in...

Saw one entrance but there's sign showing "For doctors only" then another entrance, sign showing "Emergency Only" Damn...why they like to make us so confuse one. We looked closely again, just hiding beside the doctors entrance there is small entrance that didnt have any sign. Ahhh..this must be it la. Drove through and took the ticket. Luckily one car in front us was reversing. Wow...chap sei kai :p, or so I thought. In front us there was this Myvi car waiting with his signal light..tik tok tik tok. Cheh.... :(

But before the car was reversing out, another car beside was going to reverse also. Ok, not bad at all...So we waited for the 1st car to come out so that Myvi can go in and 2nd car out and we can go in......Sorry la..this post very cheung hei one..

Anyway, this bugger want reverse parking. Ok, fine la. We just wait. But the way he parked the car was so senget. We thought he will straighten it back because we need to park beside him. No, he didnt do that. He just leave it like that, came out from his car with his selamba face and walked off. I was so pissed off and I stared at him. What, think he is the only one rushing and we are not ar..Grrr......No choice la...we still park beside his car. I think he saw us talking inside while staring at him, because after he came out from his car and walking towards the hospital while keep on turning his back to look at us. Until we have park our car, come out, he still look see look see in our direction...See whether we got bang his car or not la....Serve him right!

Well, to cut the story short, Dr. Fong was not in his clinic when we went there and no choice we were transfered to another Gynae. Dr T.S. Tan. Asked me what he can help because he knows that I'm Dr. Fong's patient. Explained everything to him, what happen, when happen, feel pain now, why it happen...nola..this I didnt tell. You want me to tell him because I was chasing my rabbit that's why I fall down meh.. :)

He said it suppose to be ok since there is no bleeding and it can take much more impact than that. But just for safety, he did scanning for me. He said usually if there's falling accident happened, first thing to check whether there are any rupture in placenta. Luckily, nothing happen. Placenta still intact, a lot of fluid inside and baby's kicking. Thank God!! There were 2 nurses inside to assist me. They are sooo nice...helping me lay down and get up. Always tell me to be careful, nice :)

So, everything is ok. Went down to cashier for payment.

Taaaa-daaaaaaaaa.....and the bill came to RM102.50
-outpatient dept: RM14
-Imaging (less than 1 minute): RM43.50
-Consultation: RM45

No wonder there are 2 nurses inside. All package come with a price....
Pengsan leh...I want to go back and claim back from footy!!

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