Tuesday, June 30, 2009

And I had my 1st fall ...@ week 34

What I am about to tell you is quite scary and me myself haven't really got over it. Thank god me and my baby are ok.

I had a fall last night. Quite a sudden fall on the floor with my knee hitting the floor and followed by my big tummy. When I thought of it, before I went to sleep last night and after I woke up this morning, I still feel like a nightmare.....

Anyway, here it goes...

Last night as usual I let Caca out from his cage. I usually let him roam around my living with shutting all the room's door and toilet door as well. I put 2 playpen as a barrier to prevent him going into the kitchen and fight with footy. Yes, footy's cage is inside the kitchen and they can fight even when one is in the cage.

I went into kitchen to fetch some water into my tupperware when I saw footy not like his usual self. He curled up into a big ball and doesnt response when I took out brittal bunny's container (brittal bunny is kind of pellets food that he'll go crazy about it) shake it but he didnt response as well. I took one, go near his mouth and he doesnt want to eat. Mmmm..what happen to this guy..

Then I stroke his head and ask him how are you feeling? As usual he didnt response too...heh heh heh..okok. I felt that he's shedding again because some furs sticking on my hand and without closing his door, I stand up and took out a sticky roller on top of my breakfast table, just nearby. Lo behold.....footy without any warning, dashing out and meet with Caca outside. With the playpen as a barrier, they were fighting like no tomorrow, biting and scratching each other's face.

I was shocked when I saw them fighting, I want to get a hold on footy but I was off balance when I run to him. I kicked the play pen open, footy launched into the living with caca, I was stumbled, off balance, knee hitting the floor and followed my tripped over and my tummy hitting the floor. I was shocked!!! Damn shock!!

Jk was watching tv, immediately run to me and asked me if I'm ok. He damn shocked also.... I just lay on the floor and a few minutes, laying on my left and try to breath deeply. At this time, jk asked me continuously any pain, got bleed or not, any water leaking.....I just shook my head and said no...I'm ok. Catch them and put them into the cage first.

After he settled with them, he came and asked me same questions again. Got pain or not, got bleed or not, any water coming out or not, wanna go see doctor or not....(like what Doctor Fong used to ask me..)

Then he helped me stand up, sit down for awhile, breath in and out...concentrate whether the baby is moving or not.....It scare the shit out of me when I didnt notice any movement. I pray pray hard to God...please please.....

I slowly went into my room, bathed and wait for my baby to move. I checked if I'm bleed but nope, nothing happen. Finally my baby let out a hard kick in my tummy. I am soooo relieved. Yes, he's moving...he's fine. No pain...No blood...No water...

I tried to google and searched for any consequences from falling. I'm relieved again when I found out that not every fall will bring danger to the baby. As the baby is well cushioned by the uterus and amniotic fluid. Jk pleaded me dont do that any more....hahaha..I guess I scared the shit out of him too....I know..I'm sorry

Well, that's the whole story....Today, baby moving as usual. Kicking and squirming. Never feel so relieve and happy when he is moving like that. I'm really thank god!

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