Tuesday, June 30, 2009

CNY costume

It's in every mother instinct to shop and buy those cutie-cutie clothes for her baby. Especially for a mischevious mom-to-be like me (definitely will get a mischevious baby later..), it is no exceptional at all.

And when is the best time to make fun of your baby if not when he is young and still in gaa gaa goo goo stage....wait until he grow up ar? hahaha...later when he grow older, his time for revenge...that is later la.

I saw this cow custome in the internet online selling baby stuffs when I was browsing baby gift for my SIL in Singopre. When I first saw this custome, it made me laughed so hard until I have to put my both hand on my tummy to prevent baby feeling earthquake inside, hahaha. I asked jk what you think? Should we buy and make fun of our boy for next coming CNY? Then ang pow must be banyak banyak lorrr..... As this year is Cow year, so I think it suit him perfectly also...ngek ngek ngek...this mother.... :D

Anyway, I bought another set of custome for my SIL's baby girl. Guess what custome is that?? is a RABBIT custome...Cun or not? :)

I was thinking to get this rabbit for my boy but since it's in pink colour and boy in pink is kinda sissy (jk said la...not me. I think pink is a great colour!!)
I couldn't resist this blankie as well. That's what they call it. It suppose to stimulate the baby's touch and feel. Mmmm....I'm sure the rabbit head wont stay long there.....hahaha
Sooner or later, it will become headless blankie.

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