Friday, June 26, 2009

@ 34 weeks

Everytime I went for my routine check up, Doc Fong will asked me few "everytime question"...

Doc: You are in bla blab weeks now.

Me: Ok

Doc: Any bleeding?

Me: Nope (unless I bleed just now when I go to toilet. If I got it earlier, confirm I'll dash out and look for u...right?)

Doc: Itchiness?

Me: Nope (same as above)

Doc: Baby moving?

Me: Yes (are you kidding? he is not only moving, but he's doing lion dance inside... :D)

Doc: Ok, check your weight.

Me: (I'm so dread this moment, slowly walking toward the weighing machine.......sigh.....really have to popi popi..please please dont overweight)

After walking up the weighing machine, a nurse beside me see and see the numbers and finally she tell out a very promising number...thank god! hehehe...start to think what to have later de...

Doc: Ok

I wonder if jk terrified because he is sitting opposite the doctor. Anything wrong, doc will shoot him first..Lol

Then have to lie down and doctor come and check my blood pressure, baby's heart beat and baby position.

Doc: Everything's ok.

All done within 10 efficient. Paid up RM35, went downstair bought iron pills and folic acid. And........come go eat NOW!!!


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