Monday, July 13, 2009

Uncle Lim's cafe + Ikea + Gynae check up

We went to Ikea last thursday. The main reason was there no electricity at home from 10am to 5pm. No electricity can go crazy one, ok? So no choice la...go ikea kai kai lor and scout for baby cot as well.

9:45am - woke up and lazed on the sofa and watched astro

10am - Nothing happen, still watching astro

10:30am - still watching astro, haiii...what the heck, switched on laptop and played restaurant city

10:45am - how come nothing happen one? still watching astro and played restaurant city

11am - puffed..!!! no astro and no restaurant city

Kanneh...11am say 11am la....

So, time for cleaning up, bathing with no water heater....hehe. Anyway since it's so hot, I dont mind la.

Before go kai kai, have to bring footy out to vet for his tooth-and-nail-trimming session. This guy is a big struggler when it comes to anything that touches his feet or his mouth. He will struggle until we all give up on him. That's why I'm so willingly pay RM10 for his each session. Worth every penny!

After that, brought him back, put him back into cage, had a grumpy face. Lure him with brittal bunny also dont want. Ok, fine..let him be.

So, we proceed to Ikea. Plenty of carparks, no jam and not crowded at all. Isn't a bliss going to any shopping complex on weekdays?? :)

pic credito to
We had our lunch at this uncle Lim's kopitiam which was not crowded at all. One look at the menu, oh yea...nasi lemak sound real good, plus kopi...hehe

Jk had nasi lemak. I stole a few bites and yes, it tasted good. Sambal is nice....

I had chicken chop with mushroom sauce. Looks good huh? It taste even better....I know I shouldn't have so much fried stuff know...'when she wants, she really WANTS!!' wahahaha

Jk made a mistake and ordered this teh susu for me. I actually craved for kopi susu, but since he already ordered, then no choice lor. As I was sipping, he finished his teh ais. I asked if he want some refill since he still got ice inside his glass. Then okla...he took my teh susu and ordered another kopi susu for me.. :D

Yeahhhh....pregnant lady won again!!!

After lunch, we went to Ikea but didnt manage to buy any baby cot because it already sold out. Still walked around scouting for wardrobe. Yes, after staying for almost 2 years, we still dont have a decent wardrobe. Just look see look see and we left at 4pm straight to my gynea check up. Since now I'm in my week 36, I have to go for my weekly check up. Baby already weight around 7 pounds. He is indeed a fat boy...:D

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