Saturday, May 23, 2009

The legendary of Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme....Who haven't heard of the legendary Krispy Kreme? The doughnut that succeed in making whole world crazy about it.

Being the curious me, I decided to check the truth. Is it really that good?
We went to Sg Wang few days ago as jk's friend wanna buy Nintendo Wii. Jk went along with him just to make sure he get the best bargain. I ended bought 2 maternity dresses and 1 blouse. It so freaking expensive!! These will be the last batch of maternity wear that I'm buying. No more up until I deliver. Sigh...
Ok, back to krispy kreme. At the end of day, we walked from Sg Wang to Times Square, keeping our fingers crossed that there'll be no long queue there. As we reached, yupe, no long queue. In fact there were only few ppl in the line... Ok, it's a good sign. We order half dozen with consists of original glazed, heshey dark chocolate and chocolate iced glazed cruller.

How come only 3 pieces geh? Didnt I said half dozen = 6 pieces? Hahaha..... as usual we ate one of each before I remember to take picture. You know how hard it is to stop 'somebody' from attacking the doughnut while I took the pictures? LOL..
I like the original glazed the best. It is sweet, soft and melt in your mouth kinda thing. Best served with black coffee. Mmmmm....the smell of coffee and doughnut already driving me crazy!! The rest are just so-so which is too sweet. I'll stick to original glazed if I have the chance to try it again.
Anyway, these 6 pieces of doughnuts dont come cheap. Total damage: RM16.20
RM2.50 for original glazed and RM2.80 for other than original glazed.

There are some instuction at the side of packaging but before we have the chance, all doughnuts a long gone!! hahaha...I should've buy 1 dozen instead...:D

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