Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fuck all ppl in Pulau Ketam

Most of you should have known this already that about 300 stray dogs were gathered by Pulau Ketam residents and dumped them to an isolated island, starving them to death.

It is quite disheartening even not being there but just looking at those pictures reported by kind-hearted angels who help to rescue the dogs. By far they only managed to rescue not more than 30 dogs. Salute them for their effort, bravery and their love for animals!!

It is even furious to know that all these while the culprit behind is damn bloody MPK (Majlis Perbandaran Klang) and councillors that are paying for every dogs captured and transported to the islands. Wahhh....farkkkk them or what? After you heard that, do you feel like want to strangle each and everyone of them to death? The one who suggested the whole idea in the first place should die in hell. Or better still, he and his damn team should be lured, caged, transported to this hell island, cornered by poisonous snake, flesh-eating-maggots, starved and die in slow pain.

Oh yea, I'm praying everynight before I go to sleep that the responsible one will encounter the same fate as the dogs and every Pulau Ketam people who receive RM90 perdog paid to them will die in a painful and horrible death!

To fuck with Pulau Ketam and Klang! Yammmmm Sengggggg!!!

For more info, I'm urging you to read on:

More and more donation is needed. Please help whatever you can.......and help to spread the words! God Bless!!

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