Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mising in Action?

Hi folks, I'm so sorry that I've been neglected this blog for quite a while. The only reason is I'm busy. I found a new job. What job is that? I become a farmer in my own house.

Yes, I plant everything from cabbage, strawberry, pea, coffee, potatoes, grapes and even sunflower. Sometimes I do go to marketplace to look out farmer's job, see if anybody hire me to harvest for their farm.

Not bad actually, I can earn around 5-6k/day, sometimes more than that.

I know some of you dont believe me after 2nd sentences from the 1st paragraphs, actually new addictive game from Facebook called Farmtown. This game succeed in making my whole house members going crazy about it.

The first thing in the morning after we woke up, without even consider brushing our teeth we would straight switch on our laptop and download the farmtown game, check whether our crops are ready to harvest. Yea, we addicted to it like drug!!

Come, I show you my farm:

Yes, my name is Big Mac. Catchy enough to lure other ppl into hiring me to work at their farm. Previously I was thinking to change it to 'sexy and big lips' but it kinda 'cheap':D...that's why I stick back Big Mac. At least it showed that I'm a McDonald's fan....

Jk's farm:

Jk's nickname is Wasssaa. This name that he's using managed to get himself a lot of big jobs. Hmmpphh....!!

Well, at least the money that he earn making it into some good use.....hahahaha

My farm with my rabbits....
I'm gonna turn it into rabbit farm sooner or later. hah!!
Now my strawberry is ready to harvest. Who want? :)

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