Thursday, May 7, 2009

Maternity wear are hard to find

Ever since my growing tummy become the size of basketball now, maternity wear are so hard to find and one that fit me and dont cause a bomb is harder than scooping footy up and cut his nails. That's why I normally wear loose sleeveless blouse with short pants at home. With the weather so hot nowadays, I prefer to stay in my room and switch on both air-con and fan together. That will cold me down quickly.

I didnt buy much maternity clothes. Most of them are given to me by jk's sister in law and some by my friends. I dont mind wear 2nd clothes as they dont fit forever and will save me more money in a long run. But I will still buy most of my inner garments as second-hand dont quite appealling to me. Actually it's make sense also you want to wear second-hand/used underwear? Or even a bra? Mmmm...blekkkk...

Now I'm searching for online shop selling maternity wear. I found one with quite reasonable price.

Purple blouse with RM27

Red blouse with RM28
Just that I hope, the clothes shown can fit me and the company (if it is a company) wont run away with my money. Mmm...think I better make a 1 purchase first....just to be safe.

So tell me, red or purple? :)

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