Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Dinner in room

I ate my dinner in the room just now with the door shut, away from Caven's sight. Haha....why? Because my sticky little pacat is so clingy on me till I can't sit on chair because he'll climb up the chair to my lap. I can't stand and eat because he'll climb and hanging on my leg, pulling my pant down. At last,  the father came and carried him away but he cried yelling his lungs out and his eyes kept on looking into my direction. So what to do?  Hide in the room and eat lor.

Well, not really complaning about him sticking to me but at least can let me do my basic necessity?  Like pee, poo, bath, eat and drink?

Darling ar darling......why you so sticky one?

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mun said...

I also eat packed food this way with the plastic sheet in a bowl or plate so that just a light rinse will clean the bowl or plate. No heavy washing required.

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