Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Caleb's 4th Birthday Celebration

Arggghh.....this is soooooo backdated. I'm suppose to post this up on 24th July, a day after Caleb's birthday and now I'm still stuck at this post. Most of the time, I don't even have time to touch my lappie, what's more to blog. Anyway.....

It was Caleb's birthday yesterday last week two weeks ago (blehhh) and as usual I made him a birthday cake as I always did every year. This time a red velvet birthday cake. How nice is that? But juggling between a crying-whining-leechy-baby-who-just-want-to-stick-with-his-mommy and baking was indeed a challenging task.

This is the birthday cake for the birthday boy. It look so 'homemade', right? There were  a lot of flaws on the cake if you look closely but I guessed the most important is the face on my birthday boy. His eyes lighten up when he saw this and that was priceless!

A few accompaniment of red velvet cupcakes with flags made from washi tape. I really fell in love with washi tape already! However, if you noticed, the papercups detached itself from the cake and honestly it looked hideous. I did around 20 cupcakes but only 9 of them looked presentable. Why ar? Anybody know why? (*scratching head*)

This time, for the first time he has the whole crowd to celebrate with him because he was celebrating it in school. Oh boy! He was soooo happy and for the first time he woke up before 7am. That was a record because normally we need to drag his fat bum out from the bed, spend 5 minutes just telling him to brush teeth and another 10 minutes asking him to finish up his milk.

The happy birthday boy!

I know he has been dreaming of sitting there for the longest time, in fact maybe every kid. It does feel special when you're sitting on special chair where you got a birthday cake with your name on and everybody singing birthday song to you.

I asked him if he wants to take some pictures with his friends and he said yes. How could he resists?

Everybody is sitting on chair singing birthday song. Cute little people...

This become his signature post. Must have to 'V' sign. Mmmm...where did he learn this from? I don't know.

Cutting the cake and grins on his face.

We picked him up after his daycare and went to Sakae Sushi for dinner. His favourite 'frog sushi'. He love it so much. Probably because of the kid's set bowl that there are providing have frog face on it. I don't know, just guessing..... :)

After dinner, the father brought him to games arcade for some fun. You know, doing guy's thing. Like basketball.... mmm.... I guess if I have a girl, I would definitely bring her for pedicure and manicure on her birthday. Hah!

We had another birthday song singing and candle blowing moment back at home. I have a few more cupcakes and decorated it. Bahhh...I need more improvement on my decorating skill.

Caleb was so happy. He even asked my if he could have another birthday tomorrow. Hahaha.....


mun said...

Happy Belated birthday to Caleb! Your cake actually looks quite nice. The most important thing is you have made your little boy a very happy boy with your cake and cupcakes. Can see this from his happy smiley face in all the photos.

mommy to chumsy said...

Happy Belated Birthday Caleb :) I love your cake and cuppies. I am also in love with washi tapes :D

Sue Ann said...

Thanks mun and Barb!

28daysmy said...

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