Tuesday, May 14, 2013

An evening with the kids

Just the other day I asked jk if he's free. It's been a while since he used his 'freaking expensive' EOS camera to take pictures of the children. So, off we went down to our apartment with Caleb, Caven and MIL. Sama sama pegi tangkap gambar.

Caven was shrieking happily when he saw some other kids running around. Such a happy baby but not when he's hungry or sleepy. Well, who does right? Silly.....haha

See all those kids in the playground? What are they waiting for? :)

For me to blow bubbles la.

Kids.....they go crazy all over the bubbles. It is so simply to make a bunch of kids happy.

All these while Caven watching those kids and laughed.

Now pictures with mami. Seldom took picture together with them. It was either Caven or Caleb pictures but not including me in it.

3 of us


mun said...

The last photo is the best! Mommy with her two beloved boys - very nice!

Wabbitfoot said...

Thanks for the compliment mun !!

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