Friday, May 17, 2013

A nightmare and IT FEEL SO REAL!

Oh My God!!!

I had a nightmare last night and I still get goosebumps whenever I think of it, like now. *Shudder*

Anyway, this is how it goes.

Last night or every other night, Caven woke up for his night feed around 2:30am. After I have fed him, he still reluctant to sleep but I was damn sleepy, can't even open my eyes. I tried to sleep but with his tossed and turned, I couldn't. So, I brought him out and babywearing him for around half an hour. I even fall asleep on the chair, rocking him to sleep.

To cut the story short, after Caven dozed off in the baby carrier, I slowly transferred him to the bed and I prepared to sleep back as well. That's when it started. Zeng zeng zeng......... 

I dozed off almost immediately and I had a dream. In my dream, me and a few of my girl-friends were having some sleepover in one of my girl-friend's house. There were 4 of us and I remembered Caven was there too. So, all of us was in a room and preparing to sleep. I sleep side way on my left and Caven was sleeping on my left too, exactly the same in the real world. So, in the dream, I have already slept, suddenly I felt a pressure on my thigh just like somebody coming down on me with the knee with a breathing sound over my ear. Like a sigh...'haaaaiiii' and it was a MAN! Can you believe it? It sound like a MAN, a male. I swear, I can hear it!

Oh F*ck!

I immediately opened my eyes (in real world), I was awake and I was so scare I think I almost pee in my pant and look around my room. Nothing. It was dark. Caven is sleeping soundly and so did Caleb and jk (yea, we all sleep in one room now). I tried to move my hand. Yes, I can move. I didn't paralyzed or something like that. But the feeling is so real and I can still feel the tingling-pressure on my thigh and the whooshing sound still stuck in my brain. It was so so real.

I was so tired that I fell asleep again within 5 minutes. That was how tired I am. Scare but still can sleep. Hahaha.......This morning when I told jk, I got goosebumps, just like now. Ish.....maybe that explained why Caven can't sleep well at night.

Mmmm....maybe I should call my mom and ask her to consult a medium or something. No, I'm not superstitious :) just to be on safe side.

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mun said...

That's a really scary nightmare.

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