Thursday, November 15, 2012

Wondermama @ Bangsar

25 days to go...

Once in awhile, we would try out some eatery place that is not in Puchong. Some places I found out at blogger's blog and some were recommended by friends.

So, this place that we are going to find out is Wondermama situated at Bangsar Village 1, beside Plan B restaurant.

One thing about this Wondermama is they have the most old school and retro decor you could possibly imagine. Kinda reminded me back when I was in my childhood.
Have you ever played this before? I'm sure you have if you were born in the '70s or the '80s in those small town or kampung :)

pic source here

Anyway, we both (plus Caleb) reached there at around 11am. By that time, it they were serving breakfast and the option are quite minimal. We asked for normal ala carte menu but the waitress said it have to be after 11:30am. So, since we are barbarian and very stubborn, we just sat there doing nothing and wait until 11:30am. (I wished too) So, we just ordered from the breakfast menu.

While waiting, we had a few pieces of Nyoya kuihs - @RM1.50 per piece. Wahh....

Surprisingly, they were good! Just like how my Ah Ma used to do. Btw, my grandmother is a Nyoya descendant, that's why she made the most authentic Nyoya kuihs. Oh, how I missed her now :(

For tea time, they are having some sort of promotion now. 20% off on drinks, roti bakar, cakes and buy 1 free 1 kuih. Good eh?

I had nasi lemak, weird nasi lemak. I have not had my nasi lemak with fried mackerel fish and pok choy vege before. Have you?

At least I liked their sambal and anchovies.

Jk had mee goreng mamak with fried chicken. That piece of fried chicken looks good but jk said it was just so-so.

We were not satisfied with the selection on their breakfast menu and we went back again 2 weeks later. This time we purposely delay until 12pm. haahaa.... and yes, we got on hold of their lunch menu. Yay!
And I ordered WonderMama Breakfast Set. Lol!!! Never imagined that they had breakfast set in their lunch menu eh?

Jk ordered their salted fried rice. I had a spoonful and guess what? The fried rice using salt as the main ingredient instead of rice. It was so so so salty..... haiyo!

We ordered fried squid as side dish to share and it was ok. Nothing to shout about.....

Our drinks.... A cup of cham and ice coffee with jelly. Just normal....

While many bloggers praise highly on their foods, we just found it to be just ok. Over-rated? Mmm....I don't know. Maybe we ordered all the wrong food selections. At least they have the most awesome Nyoya kuih in town.

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